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  1. Since you’ve got all the answers could you please let us know how much the cost of the upgrades at Post Office Rd cost? Thanks.
  2. Yep and because they were in the championship or whatever it was called back then, the club made the wise decision to invest that 200k on the stadium and credit to them, rather than chasing SL which other clubs have done. However they were able to make that decision, because they were not in SL. It wouldn’t have been that straightforward a decision if they’d been facing the drop! Cas and Wakey are both now living now with the consequences of bad decisions and bad luck over the years. It’s easy to throw stones at both these clubs re stadia but the fact remains we’ll never know what course of action Fev would’ve taken if they’d have been in their shoes.
  3. The fact is we’ll never know what Fev would’ve done had they being promoted. It’s nice to think they would have invested their Sky money on infrastructure, youth set up etc but when the pressure is on to retain their SL place, I suspect like other clubs before them, they’d have blown it on the squad. if they’d been getting stiffed every week at the bottom of SL & the fans were getting restless & crowds dropping, I’m sure the board & coach pointing out the lovely “family stand” would’ve placated them.
  4. Reminds me of the Wally Lewis era Trinity away shirt which was made by Adidas. Really like that Fev shirt which was worn by Steadman, don’t think I’ve seen a picture of it before.
  5. Cheers mate, just trying to get an angle on his perspective as a fan. Like a Wigan fan lecturing a Doncaster fan on ,loyalty lol
  6. Feel sorry for Argle, shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place, but someone should’ve had the balls to to tell him this before
  7. Nice mate, but sorry I don’t know who you you follow. I asked about the game in general. Personally as a Wakey fan I thought the game was at its peak in the late 80’, early 90’s when GB gave the Ozzie’s some ding dong games in that 90 tour.?
  8. At what point in your life did you think that RL was at its peak?
  9. Exactly & if you think they’re gonna take an interest in East 17 in what we’re doing up here, you are gassed mate. Out of interest, could you please tell us your age is & what point in your life Do you think RL has been at its peak?
  10. I’ve always found people from Streethouse passionate about their RL & if they did have their own pro RL side they’d bring more away fans to the game than Toronto, Catalans & Toulouse combined.
  11. Quick question, which local derby do you attend?
  12. Towns like Fev,Leigh, Barrow, Oldham, Fax, Rochdale, Leigh, Bradford, Wakey & Cas are the game. Giving them a call & telling them not to come back will end the game in the UK. apologies to anybody I left off the list of towns in the games heartlands where lads playing the game in the local park is depreciating every year.
  13. Why? If you’ve said it was because the game was heading down the plug hole on a professional & amateur level I’d have saluted you Sir but an 11 team Super League is the least of our problems.
  14. Great effort from the Wakey lads tonight, however one swallow doesn’t make a summer, back it up on Sunday please!
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