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  1. Don’t know if Salford have any injury problems, but for Trinity it depends on what half back combination Chester goes for. Talk of Brough been given as much time as possible to prove his fitness.
  2. Hope Westerman is ok, on today’s showing both him & Pitts look excellent acquisitions. Great defence throughout with some real desire shown to keep the Wolves at bay, we appeared to finish the stronger too. Some big names due back next week I believe, but anybody dropped after should consider themselves very unlucky! oh yeah Josh Woods also looking a shrewd buy.
  3. Is this the lad that Wakey signed and then sent on loan to Newcastle?
  4. I could be wrong but I thought the surrounding land was part of the deal when the ground was purchased?
  5. I’m liking the new Trinity shirt especially with the collar on the replica, will deffo invest this year. I think it’s four years on the bounce we’ve had a decent effort from ISC.
  6. Must admit I’m personally not feeling this brave new world thing but they’ve worked their way through the leagues so let’s see what pans out.
  7. An accurate post which sums it up for me. If George Osbourne is still the editor of the London Standard, I’m sure he’s still up sorting out the headline for tomorrow’s edition !
  8. Wow Wakey didn’t finish bottom, London did, end of! I take it you voted ‘remain’?
  9. Relegation would be the end for Trinity. No sugar daddy, the loan taken out recently and maintenance of the ground would kill them. A disaster considering even though the club has no financial clout it is stable under the stewardship of Michael Carter.
  10. Nobody’s blamed Marshall. He tried it on & the ref let him get away with it. With respect to the game, I thought Trinity had a good dig & if we’d put that much effort into certain previous games we’d have a few more points on the board!
  11. As far as I’m aware the club haven’t released any news regarding any new stand, they’ve just started a consultation period with fans & residents. Poor journalism!
  12. Some fresh faces should hopefully spark some life into the squad. Chester has spoken recently of being unable to drop anybody due to the lack of bodies available.
  13. Ok cup semi final next week so rested players but this is the 2nd time that they’ve sent down a weakened team to London. Saints are 10 points clear so they can field weakened teams until the end of regular season If they wish but I bet they don’t!
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