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  1. Never let the actual facts get in the way of a good story.
  2. Seems a bit odd if true, Hepi signed a new 2 year deal with Cas in September '21.
  3. At least that news made the BBC Sport website, unlike the sacking of Simon Finnigan from Widnes Vikings. Yes John Kear is more well know, but they are both 2 famous (old) clubs playing in the league below the 'Sooper Dooper' one. Meanwhile in women's football, we have some breaking news from the BBC.....
  4. Whatever naughty Zak did wrong at the Pies, Leeds obviously couldn't care less.
  5. Blimey I only typed krappp, didn't realise it was a religious forum as well !
  6. We (Leigh) were rather fortunate to win at Bradford in the challenge cup and were a few minutes away from being knocked out of both cup comps. No disrespect to the Bulls, but I'll be rather surprised if you win by less than 10, but you say their big plus is the pitch which is ###### and small.
  7. Dewsbury 18 Workington 10 Halifax 20 Barrow 18 Leigh 30 London 8 Widnes 14 Batley 22 York 36 Whitehaven 6
  8. Saints field a 'very weakened' side at least once a season, surprised more sides (near the top of the league) don't do this. They did it v Salford last year, and London in 2020.
  9. Maybe, but July will be the month for them which will probably decide this.
  10. It would be so hilarious if Leeds were relegated and Toulouse finished next to bottom. Nothing against the Rhinos, but......
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