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  1. Sounded like Wigan were there for the taking, lots of mistakes and penalties conceded by them, but just by playing well in the first 10 minutes and the last 10, they won.....let's not get carried away folks
  2. Widnes still missing Danny Craven & Jack Owens ? If so, Barrow might nick a win.
  3. The Catalan Dragons support that travelled to England was amazing as per usual, well done to all concerned ! And don't blame Covid, it's been 5hite ever since they were placed in SL in 2006.
  4. Pity it wasn't televised, York v Newcastle was okay, but deciding to show Batley at home to The Navy was ridiculous. If we beat Widnes tomorrow night, Fev at home will do in the next round (Because it should be a cracker)
  5. Newcastle might as well be 'part time' then...like Featherstone Rovers are
  6. And in the last 2 or 3 years St.Helens have signed 5 from Leigh East.....never to be seen actually playing for the 1st team.
  7. 'Full time' Newcastle Thunder have already lost to Barrow & Batley.
  8. Leeds v Man United only finished at 3:50pm, maybe some 'fair weather' supporters of Salford had been watching that at home or in a boozer. I'm sure Sir Kev would have been aware of this possibility. Leigh Centurions have brought their K.O. time (v Newcastle) forward to 1-45, as it's Man City v Man United at 4-30.
  9. Toulouse will have learned form last week's game, not to go out 'all guns blazing'...then tire. I predict Salford 24 Toulouse 10
  10. Because Leigh Centurions (and their annoying owner) beat Bradford 38-4 (with 5 missed conversions) this thread has turned into a 'Richard' measuring contest over Monday night crowds. If it's the same after we play Widnes in 2 weeks time, I'll be delighted, because that will mean that we won...albeit in front of another crappy crowd of under 3K.
  11. Still obsessed I see, Bless Why don't you comment on the actual game, Leigh were average but still won 38-4, and missed 5 conversions.
  12. It was 2,746. Definitely the lowest Leigh v Bradford crowd for quite a few years. 800 lower than Leigh v Whitehaven 2 weeks ago.
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