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  1. You knew what I meant, Billy 'no mates'.
  2. I'm sure Toulouse can strengthen their squad when they feel the need to. Yes they will miss Ford and Kheirallah (the latter yet to be confirmed). They have afar better chance of my team Leigh of staying in SL. Stronger squad and some teams might be affected by travelling to France and back on the same day (if that's still the procedure).
  3. FT: St. Helens 16 Leigh Centurions 6. Ex Centurions player James Bell scored the game clinching try 5 minutes from the end.
  4. No, one team gets promoted the other win the challenge cup, sonny
  5. It's used by consumers for mainly online shopping experiences.
  6. Matt, that's because they know you are a Hibs fan Up the Accies !
  7. In English please, or with better grammar or typing at least ?
  8. Surely it should have been awarded to Canada.
  9. Bless, the mighty Ryedale York City Knights.
  10. Kieran Dixon is currently having trials with (us) Leigh Centurions. https://www.leighjournal.co.uk/sport/leighcenturions/19792482.leigh-centurions-hand-kieran-dixon-trial/
  11. He is alleged to have said to the Oldham Physio "You f***ng sp**tic"
  12. Neil Kelly is a great appointment. Obviously the club don't want a 'run before you can walk' mentality, and Neil fit's the bill perfectly. Good luck to all concerned.
  13. I see Toulouse haven't entered into the Challenge Cup competition yet again, stands back in amazement.
  14. You actually think that post was actually serious, oh dear.
  15. Adrian Lam is also assistant coach to Australia's Mal Meninga, you don't get that position by being not very good at your job. "Lammy is a Leyther, Lammy is a Leyther, NA NA NA NA... Leigh !, NA NA NA NA Leigh !"
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