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  1. The more French clubs we have in Super League the better. Let's kick out 'non ambitious' Salford & Wakefield, and Castleford with their crappy ground. Oh, and Huddersfield to, with their 20,000 empty seats every home game. I love France I do....just like you lot !
  2. Did you watch the game ? Hardly any had replica shirts on, only cheered when there was a try or goal kick. Doesn't take a genius to work out there were loads of freebies handed out or tickets for a Euro. 2 years ago in the corresponding fixture (but in the semi final) the attendance was around 1800....so why the sudden massive increase in fans ? They and Catalans should be in the French league, end of discussion. Don't bother tagging me, coz I won't respond.
  3. When did Toulouse last sell 9200 tickets for a game ? A clue, it wasn't yesterday.
  4. Do you know how many Toulouse fans were at the Bradford Bulls game last month where if they won would clinch top spot and a home tie in the semi final ? I will tell you, ZERO. Not one French supporter was in attendance. My brother-in-law attended the game and was amazed by this, although I wasn't.
  5. Rugby League in this country is doomed, so we need more French teams in OUR leagues.
  6. At least Toulouse will be playing more than 14 league games next season.......hopefully
  7. It's only 2 tries to 0, but that still doesn't mean Fev have any kind of chance of getting back into this, unless Toulouse get a couple of players sent off early in the 2nd half.
  8. I hope Featherstone win, but if Toulouse do so, then fair play to them. I'm guessing if TO do get promoted they won't quit our league this time and return to their French one !
  9. Toulouse will be far more 'fresher' having only played 14 league games compared to Featherstone's 29 league & cup games
  10. I get what you're saying, do I get 'excited' when Leigh play 'certain' clubs in the championship, NO. But when we do play Fev, Halifax, Bradford, Widnes etc I am 'more up for it' so to speak. That's just sport in general, not every game matches the other one for pre-match nerves or excitement.
  11. You seem to have forgotten about Celtic Crusaders, Paris, & Gateshead.
  12. No, you don't deserve one. All you were on RLFANS.com was a Rhinos fan and an expansion lover.
  13. France needs to build on it you mean
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