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  1. I like Fev’s ground but they need to invest in some new floodlights, half the pitch was in darkness! And the pitch markings are confusing, well to Tom Briscoe anyway enjoyable game though, I think Fev will go well this year
  2. Really Should be, has the Knighthood list been released?
  3. He does a lot of good work in the community
  4. 10 - 6 to Leeds typical Boxing day game really not much happening:-) im enjoying it all the same
  5. Pah only 50% off?, Oxen currently have a 65% sale on Rhinos gear!
  6. Hummel easily the best kit/training gear supplier at the moment imo, gutted Leeds haven’t gone with them
  7. Makes sense to me? “2022 is going to be a huge year and we are really excited to be opening up Headingley Stadium to the world once again. Obviously we are a multi sport venue which presents its own challenges and always rules out the use of the stadium on certain weekends of the year. We are planning to host a large stadium event on either the weekends of Round 14 or 15 and the pitch renovation will begin immediately following this. “The six round period which excludes a home game between June and mid-July includes the Magic Weekend. We had made Headingley available for Round 19 but the complexities of the fixture calculations means we are away at Toulouse so we will return to Headingley for one of our biggest games of any season; the visit of Wigan in Round 20 on 21st July.” which is clearly explaining the block of away games in the release of the fixture list referenced at the top of the article it’s not really news, more of an explanation
  8. Please can we not have John Wilkin trying to be funny every 5 seconds I actually think he’s fairly good when he sticks to talking about RL Kevin Brown is also very good infront of camera and as co commentator
  9. This is excellent news. I think Channel 4 is a really good fit and i think they’ll promote the hell out if it will be interesting to see how they approach it
  10. Yeah the lighting in that shot is terrible, makes it look like parts of the short are actually red, is it black or dark blue?
  11. Unfortunately I looked!!! Although did see this, which really should just be the away shirt...
  12. I don't know too much about other sports, but I agree with this 100% with regards to RL clubs and its a massive bugbear of mine. I probably go on about it a bit too much TBH but the recent stuff from Oxen at Leeds just annoys me. I think Leeds are a big club and deserve better, it is just cheap tat and the constant sales are really annoying, the whole strategy seems to be release a load of stuff all the time, then have a sale and release some more stuff. The Home kit of the teams is a massive part of the overall brand, and they don't seem to care about it. As someone mentioned you look through the years that Leeds have won the SL, there is literally only one year (2008 I think) where they were wearing what you would describe as Leeds RL/Rhinos 'proper' kit.
  13. This, 100%, Oxen stuff is cheap tat, they shouldn’t be anywhere near the England stuff (nor the Rhinos IMO) The Umbro stuff for England RU is quality and looks classy. It’s a real bugbear of mine
  14. To be fair I don’t usually buy the away kit as they are generally awful and nothing ti do with the Leeds colours. If it was just white with the blue and amber hoops (like the 2015 wembley shirt) id have one, well I wouldn’t because Oxen don’t seem to make them in my size, but that’s another issue.
  15. I think its horrid, looks like a cheap training top. Judging by Facebook comments I’m in the minority.
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