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  1. At the DW now, just an example of poor marketing/matchday experience, it’s meant to be 90s revival night, bar a poor Oasis cover band what have we got? Absolutely nothing, the 90s was a magnificent time for Wigan, where’s the clips on the big screen, ex players on the pitch?
  2. To be fair wasn't Ash Handley top try scorer in the year he played outside Hurrell?
  3. Agar said he might be available if we make the playoffs, however I doubt I, he's in a boot for 4-6 weeks and knowing what Plantarfascia is like (not me but my wife suffers badly from it) I don't think we'll see him in a Leeds shirt again, he's torn it which will be very painful and difficult to heal, if indeed t does heal properly. You will definitely get entertainment value when he plays, but you'll also see the best and the worst of him probably within minutes of each other, I really can't see him as a second rower though.
  4. He can tackle, its his reading of the game that has been shown up time and time again in a Leeds shirt
  5. I don't think Hurrell has the fitness or defensive capabilities to play Second Row, not for long periods anyway. It's a really interesting signing for Saints, could work out ion and its a really big if, Woolf can get him to fix up his flaws, something which no coach has ever done. Hurrell is a massive confidence player, will Saints fans be forgiving of these flaws, or will they get on his back the first time he makes a defensive error? I will say one thing and this is the reason why Ima bit gutted he's gone from Leeds is that he is entertaining to watch, I read a comment somewhere that maybe has a bit of truth about it - does Hurrell take the game seriously enough to iron out the flaws in his game?
  6. Sezer, Austin and Bentley are as much of star signings as you will see in the current climate at any club. We simply don’t see the type of signings we could get in the 90s/00s anymore.
  7. I can’t see Oxen seeing out the term of their contract TBH
  8. I think there’s about 6 or 7 different hoody ‘designs’ just do one or two but make them decent quality. And if you’re going to make ‘retro’ classic shirts at least make them as good quality as the original and thats a pretty low bar to set for a couple of those kits! it shouldn’t really annoy me but it does.
  9. Reminds me of a client of mine who made and sold high end stuff (not clothing) but constantly had sales every month with up to 50% off everything, I told him to maybe try a different approach as I thought it was damaging the perceived quality of the brand, so they ditched the constant sales for a while - both sales and profits went up and they ditched the sales for good - did myself out of work mind as we didn’t produce as many ads for them There hasn’t been a week gone by since Oxen took over where there hasn’t been some sort of sale or other. And the stuff is cheap and nasty IMHO
  10. Whilst I don’t think the decline is down to the rebranding I do think the actual rebrand (as in the logo and stuff surrounding that) and the timing of it will not have helped. I applaud them for looking i yo the branding and updating it I just think it was so wide of the mark it really didn’t and wasn’t going to achieve what they expected. IMO they needed to reinforce their history and standing within the game not try and shift away from it, it was terrible timing to di what they did I think.
  11. I agree about the match day experience. Leeds do this OK probably better than most clubs (sounds like Hull KR are doing a good job at the moment). I've been to most away matches for the last few years (obviously not when we weren't allowed) and it does strike me that a lot of clubs simply don't do enough on match days. Wigan I agree seem to be one of the worst. But I think the Wigan club have quite a few issues to address at the moment, I think they were hoping the 'rebrand' (i've said enough of o that particular subject) would give them a bit of an uplift, maybe it will in time, however I think they need a bit of a reset on and off the pitch, Wigan has such a rich history to draw upon but from an outsider looking in they don't seem to do a good job of using all that history to market themselves today, again look at Leeds I think they get the mix of history and modern just about right, but I appreciate that my bias may play a bot of a part in that thinking. I went to a preseason game the other year and it was Liam Farrell's testimonial, and there was literally no kind of celebration or anything, in contrast when Leeds have testimonials they push the boat out, even though it's a friendly they try to make it a special occasion. I thin the rivals round this week has been a bit of a step in the right direction and should be expanded upon next year, the issue with this is if the 'rivals' play each other 4 times a year it impacts on the marketability of those fixtures.
  12. And interestingly its around that time that internet forums started out. RL fans always were a miserable bunch its just they can air it to more people these days
  13. You’re just strawmanning now. Next year will be different, for a start the clubs will be able to sell season tickets for a full season, threat of games being cancelled through covid should be over, games will be played on normal days not all over the place. Thats not saying everything is fine that’s just stating the facts. The game needs to do more to attract fans but that doesn’t mean its dying or about yo die.
  14. I didn’t say it was an achievement, you seem to be conflating two separate issues. The lowish crowds we are seeing compared to pre pandemic are mainly down to the pandemic is simply the point Im making.
  15. My point still stands, there’s a few factors why crowds are down and covid is a very big factor
  16. Fabulous game… still loads of people on Facebook saying the game’s rubbish, as I keep saying Some RL fans seemingly want the game to die.
  17. Read the thread. What have any other sides than Hudds or leeds got to do with it if you’re going down that route. Anyway, ill leave it at that as its a pointless discussion
  18. But it’s a specific thread about a game involving leeds, if it was s thread titled ‘poor Leeds and all their injuries’ you might have some semblance of a point. youll also notice at the start of the thread I recognise and mentioned that Hudds have had a rum of bad luck with injuries, Leighs injuries isn’t pertinent to the thread is it.
  19. On the flip side using figures from during a pandemic as proof of the games decline is equally daft and ‘part of the problem’.
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