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  1. TBH, the initial movement to York from Cas seemed to be fuelled by the feeling that the women's team was not being looked after very well.
  2. It's easy to forget quite how young Will Price is ........a really impressive individual display !
  3. If you read the statement by Thunder on this, it stresses not new f/t signings, but the benefit to their existing squad of full-time training and match preparation. In that sense, it does mirror the Bronco's approach in the championship ..... albeit that they are also rumoured to be going shopping Not always easy to get right first time.......
  4. Before this thread descends into a personal spat, here are a few insights into why York might have been considered as Championship Club of the Year by the panel. The Knights finished a tough and ultimately disappointing season in front of 2,000 cheering fans against London, part of a double-header with the Knights Ladies (about half the crowd stayed for their match against Cas). It didn't feel like a disappointed or discontented crowd.... Perhaps that's because they realised that this was York's 2nd best ever Championship finish, playing in a brand spanking new stadium. It was undoubtedly helped by the presence of 60 under-11s from four local community clubs, playing on the pitch at half time. Home fans would also have been cheered by the presence of three 18 year-olds, all products of the local Community game, playing well for the Knights (all signed on for next year). A fortnight later saw the Knights Ladies miss out by a whisker to Leeds in their bid to reach the Super League Grand Final (having already reached the Challenge Cup Final earlier in the season). That same weekend, York Knights Foundation hosted a national festival of Learning Disability RL at its superb training ground (complete with new G4 pitch) Ultimately, the Knights' will be judged by results on the pitch. The current club owner and management, IMO, couldn't be doing a better job in giving the team the platform to succeed. They also have grasped the nettle that, by helping broaden the base of the game in all its forms locally, it will enormously strengthen the professional club. In a city used to hard selling, the Knights are doing a great job of promoting the club and the game in York, whether through the liveried bus, or the constant bombardment of their social media outlet. There's lots going on, and so much of it is very good.......
  5. Knights ladies now clearly the 3rd best team in the country, and bearing down on 2nd every match, Saints clearly a cut above. Fantastic effort, could have gone either way. Courtney Whinfield-Hill for Leeds was the difference for me.
  6. Great result - sounds like Myles Harrison had a great league debut at FB, listening to Andy Acko.....
  7. York win 29-16 at Newcastle. Great performance and result from the Knights, with a makeshift team.
  8. What's the best guess as to Stanley Gene's age when he finished his professional career ?
  9. Two quick tries at start of 2nd half for Fev, both inspired by Dane Chisholm. Now 28-14, with the Knights under the cosh....
  10. Think Rangi Chase will be ###### off that Donny are now spending the money they saved (by not re-contracting him) on Cockayne.....
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