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  1. To be fair, there have been more resignations in Haven than panthers seen in Halifax...
  2. Interesting round of fixtures..... very difficult to predict all of these, apart from TO and Fev wins. Only saw the highlights reel, but Fax looked on song last week, against (what looked like) some poor Sheffield defending. Fax v York will be an interesting clash of styles
  3. To be fair, 51 metres of "middle" is all they will get to play on anyway
  4. Watching it, it was the direction of the hands that made me instantly think "forward", and as you say, Ref was exactly on the spot.
  5. Think that's harsh, TBH. Let's put things in perspective ....."another poor display" is a 21-point victory away at Widnes - if that's the worse it gets, frankly, bring it on Seriously, I don't think there's a meaner defence, points-wise, in the Championship than the Knights other that TO and Fev (will check). Attack's been misfiring in the opposition 20, but that can get better......
  6. If we're keeping Mikey Lewis for any length of time, there will be an interesting selection choice at half back to be made, once BoH is fit again....
  7. See my comments above about missing O'Hagen..... Dean and Lewis are confident runners of the ball, and will always fancy backing themselves to make a break on their own (and good on them) - but that means they'll sometimes be out of position for last tackle plays, and won't be organisers of the tackle set. BoH, for my money, looks like the sort of organising half that can do this.
  8. Knights Ladies win 30-0 at Fev
  9. Yes, Riley Dean and Mikey Lewis are two great young 6's (with mistakes in them)- we need B O'H back as a 7 though !
  10. Can't help thinking that the disruption in our half back selection is a major factor - can't wait to have Brendan O'Hagen back for 5th tackle plays....
  11. York cutting out the errors in 2nd half, win with 27 unanswered points .....
  12. Knights doing a lot better in 2nd half of controlling field position, should close this out now.....
  13. Magic try from Mikey Lewis for York - chip & chase for what should be the winning try for York, now 26-14 up with 10 minutes to go. Then Widnes try a short restart, and the ball doesn't go 10 metres.....
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