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  1. Last home game 26th May - Next home game 7th July! Must be very hard to keep any kind of momentum going for the clubs (I'm sure this doesn't only apply to the Cougars). League 1 really does appear to be an after thought.
  2. Personally I am disappointed to lose Graham. I always thought we were a better side with him in the team. I don't like to see change when things seem to be going well. Hopefully Blackmore will quickly fit in to the squad.
  3. I really didn't expect that. The team deserve so much credit as the pressure was really on. A defeat today would have been difficult to come back from We totally outplayed Oldham and the result never really in doubt. Our middles were dominant with Miller putting in a great performance. The backs led by Sa'u always looking dangerous. We now need to build on this and make sure we don't have another slip up. It's good putting in a performance like this but we must maintain this each week. Farrell had a very good game on debut considering he can't have trained too many times with the team.
  4. A real must win for us I feel. I agree and think that we are capeable of the win. However we must be at our best and maybe have a little luck or Oldham just a bit off their "A" game. I don't think Thomas has shown enough quality this season. His kicking has been poor and he tries the side step back inside too often instead of the pass out wide. Can't say I know too much about Farrell. Really looking forward to good game and atmosphere to match. I do think the Cougars have missed a trick by not scheduling the game for a 1pm KO and showing the Football (Leeds Utd) in the ground after. Anyway lets hope for a good performance
  5. Hunslet by 30 Midlands by 8 Cougars by 2 Hornets by 28 Cougars v Oldham will definitely be the L1 game of the weekend.
  6. Unfortunately I couldn't get to NWC match but heard some good reports. I guess next week is the big test.
  7. Oldham by 20 Hurricanes by 30 Cougars by 8 Hornets by 16
  8. I guess he's got two weeks to train with the team before we play NWC away. Reading the Cougars release, it looks as though there might be a longer loan plan. The initial two weeks might well be an escape clause for the player in case he doesn't fit in (or isn't accepted).
  9. That's fair enough but I'm not sure how "start of a journey with Bradfiord" can be interpreted.
  10. Is this a loan signing? My initial thoughts are that this could be very good or very bad. He comes with a reputation for playing on the edge. We need to practise playing with 12 men. As you say the jury is still out on the last two signings and I don't understand why Graham has not been playing. Hopefully this will see us through until Bishop is fit. Personally, I'm not sure closer links with the bulls is good for us.
  11. I do think Hunslet deserve some credit and played well. We didn't. We do rely too much on Sa'u breaking tackles in our attack and everything else we tried was well defended. Our halves didn't play well today. I thought Bishop tried hard but is better at hooker and Miller didn't quite click. As the season progresses, teams will improve and learn our strengths and weaknesses. Obviously duel reg will help teams with this.
  12. I would also expect a much closer game. Hunslet have improved their team and should have learnt from their defeats. We can't rest on our laurels and must keep improving week by week. This has its difficulties when you have won 6/6. Hopefully Foster can keep them all motivated.
  13. You are right. Not sure what else to call it when teams were selected and a new one made up unfairly to take part.
  14. Back in the nineties the RFL/SL caused deep divisions within Rugby League by the unfair method of introducing Franchising. Many of these rifts still exist today. IMG/RFL/SL seem to be going down this same path. Yes the clubs voted for it but many fans are not happy. I can only see problems ahead.
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