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  1. Swinton v Cougars was the best game of the season that I'vd seen so far this season. Two teams realyl going for it with some massive tackles and great tries. Played in the right spirit with two sets of fans which really appreciated the effort of the players. A great day out.
  2. I agree the Cougars Could go through the rest of the season unbeaten, However they have some very difficult matches ahead. Swinton, Donny & Hornets away and Hunslet & Crusaders at home. All the games individually are winnable but together it would take a great effort
  3. A difficult week for predictions. Some very close games, I think. Skolars by 20 Crusaders by 18 Dons by 8 Hurricanes by 4 Cougars by 6
  4. To be fair, there is no mention of the total cost of the stand in their statement. Very positive news for the Cougars and Rugby League.
  5. Suprised Me. Well done Hurricanes always a dfficult place to go and get a result.
  6. Hunslet by 20 Skolars by 12 Doncaster by 46 Crusaders by 18 Lions by 4
  7. Hunslet by 12 Cougars by 60 Hornets by 18 Crusaders by 16 Lions by 6
  8. No certainties in any of the games this week Hunslet by 4 Lions by 10 Cornwall by 6 Cougars by 10 Crusaders by 8
  9. Raiders by 4 Cougars by 24 Crusaders by 6 Oldham by 4 Hornets by 8
  10. Just got home from North Wales and would like to thank all the welsh supporters for making us feel so welcome. You are indeed a friendly bunch. Yesterday wasn't your day, but I'm sure you'll regroup and come back stronger. Good luck for the rest of the season (Obviously ex at CP)
  11. Very difficult to predict this week with some good games in prospect. However Skolars by 12 Cougars by 2 Hunslet by 6 Hurricanes by 14 Lions by 18
  12. i think Skolars play Oldham on the cup final weekend instead of this weekend
  13. Be suprised if there are any too close this week. Hornets by 18 Lions by 40 Hunslet by 24 Cougars by 30
  14. Crusaders By 30 Doncaster By 20 Cornwall By 12 Hunslet By 6 Cougars By 8
  15. Very pleased. I think the Cougars have made their intentions clear.
  16. Cougars By 70 Hornets By 24 Crusaders By 10 Hunslet By 30 Lions By 40
  17. Hornets By 30 Dons By 6 Cougars By 40 Crusaders By 46 Hunslet By 10
  18. Yes it was a good crowd. The Cougars do seem to be getting a lot of things right both on and off the field at the moment. However Attendances are generally improved by having a winning team and the Cougars are playing some good rugby this season (so far). To be fair to Swinton, they were second best on the day but their spirit was never broken and tried until the end.
  19. Hornets By 30 Dons By 40 Cougars By 8 Crusaders By 24 Oldham By 50 Could be some big scorelines this week
  20. Cougars By 12 Hornets By 4 Dons By 30 Hurricanes By 20 Lions By 10
  21. Agreed It wasn't a classic. However watching the game as a Cougar fan i can't complain. I thought the Cougars defence was excellent (for the second week) and in attack always looked dangerous. Not getting ahead of myself yet, but so far so good.
  22. Crusaders by 36 Hornets by 40 Hunslet by 6 Cougars by 16 Lions by 20
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