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  1. Is this on the radio somewhere? Or do I have to watch it via Teletext...again.
  2. Desperately sad to see Lloyd White pull up again, this time in the 1st few minutes. He really does not have any luck with his injury. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see him play again this season. Norman might make it to the squad for the Huddersfield match but he is no where near match fitness yet, although I would take 20minutes of him on the pitch for none at all. Maybe Mitch will be back, but more likely he will be available for the Saints match early June.
  3. Not privacy to any legal stuff that is with the police. I can offer an update if I hear anything.
  4. OK. From your perspective could you explain? I know we all have different views, and I guess i'm a bit closer to the TO camp than most on this forum, but in your opinion (and i'm not going to be judgemental) what should the club have done differently, considering it was a criminal matter?
  5. It was a shame that things worked out like that. However, I wouldn't blame the club, it was Ford and Kheirallah who did the lying and criminality which gave the club no option. I would have loved them to have been a part of the SL journey but they only have themselves to blame.
  6. No, I will be at the match and will see things first hand how they fair against Wakefield. It looks like it will more nice and warm on Sunday, although possible thunderstorms in the afternoon.
  7. I would. As with everything though, it's disposable income that would be an issue. I know an English guy who sponsors one at least player at TO. Helping out a youth team would be a really good idea, one not associated to an elite club. I've thought of doing it with my kids athletics club, but the FFA through money at them anyway
  8. Lands early next week. If he is fit he should play, more ready than Corey will be I think.
  9. I'm glad they finally managed to sign a prop. They've been looking for one since the beginning of the season to replace Rémi and now with Mitch injured they need one more than ever.
  10. I doubt he will play in the next 2 games, maybe back in 3-4 weeks. They will win a few more games, not many, but maybe just 1 more than Wakefield or Salford, I reckon Leeds will kick on now.
  11. Not quite, they were told they would still be liable for the travelling costs after they had won promotion. Not being able to recruit earlier and the issues with Ford and Killer 2 weeks before the season started were sort of the nail in the coffin for their first half of the season. If Leeds were in a similar position would the Leeds chairman be saying the same thing? Or would the RFL be stepping in to avoid a "proper" team from being relegated. For what it's worth I believe all teams promoted should be given 2 years to help, French or not. The gap is too great.
  12. Annoyed....I could listen to BBC radio Leeds the other week, but this match on BBC radio Humberside is geo locked. No sense in it. I could log into the VPN at the bank I work for but I would get slapped legs on Monday.
  13. Maybe Jussaume will be back. I miss his tache. Lots of TO players still out mind you, 4-8 weeks for the bulk of them. I don't expect TO to trouble Hull too much, but then again, that's what I thought about the Saints match. What do I know!
  14. Part of my issue is consistency. I don't mind if they get it wrong, they're only human and all TO's home games have no video ref so the guy is on his own out there. I just wish they were consistent, as shown in the 2nd half when a couple of Leeds lads had a go at the flag fiddler on the line...same situation but no penalty. By that time it would be made no difference, Gigot would probably have kicked it backwards...but even so, consistency is needed so the players feel more confident with the decisions.
  15. that all came from the penalty TO gave away complaining because the touch judge got it wrong...commentary also said Leeds were very lucky to get that decision, Poor really from the officials.
  16. Still no Jussaume for TO, I was hoping he would make an appearance today. Good to have Joe back, but still too many of the big boys missing.
  17. Why do they need to stay in touch with Wakey and Salford? They just need to finish 11th
  18. Probably what Fev are thinking about Johno Ford at the moment. Apart from the desperate need to win games that is.
  19. They've been looking for someone to replace Johno for a while. He seems willing and able. If you have a suggestion for an alternative then I can give you Sylvain's number.
  20. I forgot that Catalans had signed him for the 2020 season, but he never played a game
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