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  1. Yes, you're right. Sorry...I should wear glasses more often, and drink less red wine! I won't be posting much this season as i won't be going to many Toulouse games.
  2. Close...I got the date right for the 1st match. Seems Fev have the privilege of Wakefield.
  3. Shame that his new augmented budget didn't extend to rewarding the staff for this season. The team is unchanged. Where other teams have squads up to 30 and have been recruiting heavily, TO will stay pretty much unchanged for this season. I can't see more Elites other than Wail joining the first team so they will be stretched again to keep everyone fit. They've managed it for the last couple of years but players are getting older and need more careful management. Still, they will probably manage top 5 again... maybe.
  4. Not Kenya...however, the French International, Laureane Biville, has a tournament named after her in Cameroon to help promote the women's game in Africa.
  5. Most of the squad from last year are staying. H, god knows how, is still going but will need to be managed carefully. First new signing of the season, Paul Ulberg.
  6. Still promotion and relegation for next year so they have a chance of staying up
  7. That's some tiptop work there, great work. I would put Robin Brochon at FB to be honest. Gigot won't be around much longer. A proper résumé would be to do a full review on anyone less than 25, as that is where the future lies
  8. Based in Bordeaux but has a vision to broadcast more XIII rugby. I'm hoping the new president of TO has the foresight to talk with them about a PPV deal a bit like OurLeague in the UK
  9. March 16th = Wakefield v Toulouse
  10. Toulouse was the only professional side in the championship last year as I was reminded many times
  11. They aren't a professional side though so how much are we really talking about? Not that I'm dissing the club, any money owed is important to the employees
  12. 17…18 with Killer, that's almost the same number that TO started the season with! Who are they being replaced with?
  13. I don't know if you will be able to get this in the UK but natv.fr are showing the match on Sunday. I am unsure yet if the will be streaming it online or it is just via the TV channel route https://www.ffr13.fr/feminines-france-vs-pays-de-galles-en-direct-sur-na-tv/
  14. I thought it was odd for this time of year as well, but I was applying my knowledge of Lake District sheep. However they do things differently in the Tarn.
  15. I'm hoping Sylvain does stay on. He's busy with lambing at the moment so I guess a few days to clear his head and think of the positives. I believe he will still be there and with a new president I'm hoping they stick to the plan for next year. It wasn't going to be a catastrophe if they didn't make it this year, although on a personal note it was a massive disappointment. I feel that this isn't the end of the road. Maybe at the end of next season if they still can't get to SL there will be change. Plenty of kids there yesterday.
  16. Not subsidised....all paid for by Toulouse. 300K a year. Which is one reason TO have a thin squad.
  17. TO had to re jig the team at half time, lost two big guys up front and Zac had to play on with an injury. Playing a Pilier at centre in the 2nd half. Credit to Corey Norman who figured it out early on in the 2nd half and exploited it, they attacked wider on the TO right which just gave them the edge. Not sure I agree with your statement about the squad. They didn't have the depth they should have had I agree, but they got to the final above Bradford and Fév so not that bad. They have a 2 year plan and I think I said earlier in the season they need this season to get things right. A new president and a chance to recruit next year, with hopefully some younger French lads coming through.
  18. I'm not sure Olly will play, Jake would be grewt as they will need a consistent kicker. Greg maybe back after his head knock to provide some weight up front. I don't know if PJ or Dmitri are fit which is a shame as I think the experience of a final would be great for them
  19. Yes, he's been around a few years. This transfer of the club has been dragging on.for far too long but it's all settled now. Press release is imminent although I think it's an open secret now as to who it is.
  20. I hope the TO players Fév have approached over the last few weeks are thinking...merci mais non merci
  21. Not sure I like this score. Quite happy to go to POR again knowing we won there, but not so sure about London coming to Toulouse knowing they have beaten is twice this season and they have had two fantastic last two games. However...nice afternoon out at the game followed by dinner and wine at the Cartoucherie edges a long weekend away via Ryanair at POR with pie and chips.
  22. Plucky southern amateurs come up against giant northern professional team
  23. I was wondering where all the Bulls fans were as Type 2 corner, which is favorite of away fans, had maybe a 100 or so, maybe a few more dotted around but not many. Disappointed though....No band and no dancing girls tonight
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