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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Great to be back in the stadium after so long. Lovely warm and sunny but very windy which caused problems for both sides. Toulouse a bit nervous and tried to be too exciting in the 1st half but got back to doing the basics right in the 2nd. Credit to Batley though, they lost someone to injury very early on but gave TO a good game in the 1st half. Good to see some who had made the journey as well. Possibly going to be over 9000 there next week. Special promo of 5€ tickets if you went this week. Depends how many Catalan supporters make the trip to Manchester for next weekend. Lots of supporters from all over the south here this time which was great as well as seeing so many kids in the crowd.
  2. Only if unvaccinated
  3. TO would eat on the plane both there and back. It was better for them than eating late when they got to the ground. The Batley players will find it very different as it won't be a normal game day schedule for them. But these have been difficult times for everyone and will have to find a way to adjust. On a brighter note, the weather looks smashing for Saturday in Toulouse.
  4. That makes no sense. Do Batley players work after a match on a Saturday or Sunday? Poor buggers if they do, that's not fair. I'm sure that will change if they make it to the SL
  5. Toulouse have done it all season, only the Oldham match was different, doesn't seem to have caused them any problems.
  6. BEIN are broadcasting the Toulouse game this weekend.
  7. Fax turned up against TO early in the season. Considering TO only gave away 124 points in 14 games all season, Fax scored 34 of them, that's over a quarter. I wouldn't be surprised if this match goes to within 6pts.
  8. sorry to jump in your Batley site musings.... If you guys are planning on coming: Getting into France is still only allowed if you have been double vaccinated as the UK is still on the French Amber list. i.e. unless you live in France you can forget it if not fully vaxxed. Read this ==> Important link you should read Getting into the stadium you will need a pass sanitaire. This can be one of the following (points 2 and 3 are really only valid if you live here): - Presentation of the vaccination certificate with the complete vaccination QR Code (Digital or paper) - Presentation of a certificate of recovery from Covid-19 (over 15 days and less than 6 months) - Presentation of an RT-PCR or negative antigen test dating back less than 72 hours. As of September 30, this control will be extended to young people over 12 years old and maintained for the adult public. Double vaccinated only (unless you have had the one dose job) , but remember there has to be a time delay after the 2nd jab before you can travel. 7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca); 28 days after injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson); 7 days after the injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid (1 single injection). I hope that helps Hopefully some of you will make it
  9. In France. It was the reason TO could travel to and from the UK, they were classed as Elite. The French can't then deny a UK team travelling into France in the same competition. Travelling back to the UK is down to the UK Govt and what restrictions they currently have in place
  10. For unvaccinated players it will be OK as they are classed as Elite and have an essential reason to travel. For fans, only the vaccinated ones can come over, unvaccinated fans won't have an essential reason to travel..."watching a Rugby game" is not on the list of valid reasons. (link is below) Getting into France from the UK For vaccinated fans, you just need you COVID pass and a déclaration sur l’honneur. The COVID pass is also required for entry to the stadium.
  11. Just a thought. If a team comes to Toulouse for the Semi-Final and wins, on their return to the UK, if the players have not been fully vaccinated, they will have to (still) self-isolate for 10 days. Will be a rubbish final if they have to dig deep and find some academy players to step up, or have to forfeit completely if they can't field a team.
  12. Also, travel rules don't change until the Monday after the semi...the 4th. So for those unvaccinated players...10 days on the naughty step on their return to the UK.
  13. I will forward your musings to messieurs Casti and Garbutt tomorrow. Running scared
  14. Mostly yes I agree with that. However, i was alluding to scorers rather then play makers. Mind you Johno has been scoring a few this year too.
  15. Tough on Newcastle though, they have done well this season I wish them all the best. For TO, 2 games more and hopefully SL beckons.
  16. Big difference on the penalty count from the match against Bradford. Farmer must have had a word or two
  17. It is interesting to note the highest scorers in the league. TO have scored over 100 hundred tries, but apart from Killer no one else is in the top ten, and he is only there as the main kicker (we will gloss over Gigot's attempts). This goes to show that anyone can score from any position. They don't seem to be reliant on a single super-player
  18. I've run a few permutations through my predictor if Bradford win and Batley beat Halifax then Bradford go 3rd if Whitehaven beat Bradford and London lose then Whitehaven get 6th spot Also if Whitehaven beat Bradford and Batley beat Halifax then Bradford end up in 5th spot, so away to Batley in the playoffs It all makes perfect sense...not
  19. Just the one championship match. There are 3 matches on Sunday, WSL and a wheelchair game I think and a league 1 eliminator
  20. That is two matches now on the Saturday as Newcastle v Toulouse is on earlier. I feel a sofa Saturday is in order.
  21. You also need a passport now (post Brexit) to visit the UK, which a lot of French don't have.
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