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  1. Why are people having a jealous dig at Haven fans?? To be honest nobody Thought they would be 2 games away from winning the League probably Haven themselves. They deserve a big clap, tight budget & by the looks of it a top coach who can actually play decent rugby. Oldham, Newcastle, Hunslet, Doncaster, Workington all paying bigger wages i would think yet they have put a fantastic season together so far & i hope they manage it. To be honest the Barrow locals up there should be No 1 priority for Steve Neal & not those traveling waste of space o er paid players who havnt bothered there arae putting shift in week in week out. Barrow have been pants, no matter how you look at it yes bad injuries but who doesn't have them??? The plan just hasn't worked & now it's time to get the locals back in & paid what they deserve. Forget some kid or a nobody from St's, Wigan etc get the locals back in that squad otherwise it's going to be another 10 steps back. Build a team around Cresswell, Jake Carter, Forde, & Johnston, bring in Dowsett & Wilkinson. Dan & Shane Toal have to stay at the club. Add the fantastic Jono Smith as captain with both Remaining PNG lads+ Cross & you have the guys who would die for you. The rest either get fit or ship out, things need to change Inc style of rugby, it has to be different not just up y4 jumper & see how it goes. You didn't have to be blind to see the cracks in the pre season friendlies Barrow were , Whitehaven & Oldham battered Barrow at times, the play around the ruck in those games were shocking & you wonder why not many try' s have been scored 25-30m out poor
  2. I don't know what the injurys are but what I've seen over the 3 games I would go with the below. I have added Josh Johnson as he is fit & been pre season with Hull KR so he will play minutes not signed for Barrow to not get in match day team. ................Armean.... Ritson........................................Loxam.. ............Cross...............Speeding............ .................Dallimore............. ..................................Charnock............ ......................Aspinwall.......................... ..............Smith.............Walne............... ........Walker........Puara......Minoga...... Johnson Riley Crelin Mossop?
  3. Dalli is a stone over weight even a blind man can see that. Not a chance he is left out when on it he is class. Carter definately is knocking on the door but needs to be introduced at the right time I m o. If he is going to play it's in Charnocks place not been over impressed with him. Walker & Jono Smith are beasts & can't wait for the ground to get harder these 2 are going to take some stopping. Good effort for those who turned up today, the heavens certainly opened at the wrong time today as 3-3500 would have showed up if dry. Back to bread & butter now going to be a tough start at Batley but you never know. Good luck Barrow & Cresta...
  4. Thought the lads played much better today against Whitehaven who never gave up. Still work to do & need to be much quicker but still early doors. I thought Walne, Walker & Jono were Barrow s best players & the PNG lads blew the cobwebs off. Hope the winger Armean is ok bruised ribs. I honestly thought there were more than 1200 today but it's still a great effort. As for next week i can only see Wigan like Huddersfield today at Workington won't be playing any star players only academy with a couple of fringe players but it should be another good turn out for the fans. Hope the club can put the Stargroth rumours to bed like the posters above he's only been here 1 week.
  5. Hi Barrow fan here. Late response but been ill all week with flue. Thought Oldham were far better from the 20th minute onwards. Once you scored your 1st try & stoped giving pens away you bossesd it. Couldn't pick anyone out as you played great as a team & Barrow could not compete on the day. Oldham have a great squad & it will take a good team home & away to beat you to the top. Only early days & Barrow will get better.Good luck for the season guys.
  6. Oh dear now that was a shocker. Good for the 1st 20 then the other 60 minutes awful. Oldham were so much better as a team than Barrow were. I know it's early doors but there was nothing to cheer about. We looked tired, not fit some definately more than others & ball handling was very poor. Don't think we carried 2 sets it was poor. Speading had a game to forget if he goes in for that try in 1st 10 minutes he has a different game 100% about that. I guess the coach will make them watch it again during the week & bring them back to reality, you don't get rewards if you don't do the hard graft. Like I said 2 maybe 3 I don't see regular rugby for them & the young lads today were let down by older more experienced guys.
  7. Dissapointed Barrow's marquee signing is injured & will miss a good chunk of the season. I disagree with a few on here regarding it's one of those things injuries happen & so so. I get the club needs to make money & without it teams won't survive but that boxing night would still have gone ahead & made the same amount if Hock didn't fight. Getting Gareth Hock to sign is a fantastic achievement especially when Wigan were in for him. I have been to these boxing fundraisers now half a dozen times & I see these injuries happen, you are putting sportsmen who don't box for a living or a hobby in danger of serious injuries because none will box properly it's all out or bust. Tiredness after a couple of rounds gives the player more chance of injury. IMO yes it's making good & quick buck but Barrow are now paying the price of there star player being out for half the season with prob full pay? Needs to be 're thought if doing again, maybe ask ex players or fans to box & not current players who need to do there work on the pitch.
  8. Hi, New member & 1st time posting on a club forum. Looking forward to the game today albeit a friendly. Barrow have been very busy in player recruitment & added real depth to the squad. Can't wait to see Barrow's new back line & what about the 3 PNG lads what's not to get exited about. I will be taking my 2 kids to the game so hope all hoes well on the pitch & players stay safe & we have a good turn out for them Not sure how many will turn up today maybe thinking the new guys won't be thrust straight in today?? Anyways not been to Crazy Park for many years so good to be back. Come on Raiders.
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