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  1. The way I look at it is Featherston had both Sucino & Paratta on the field both will be on big bucks Those guys wanted bigger & better things no disrespect to Featherston but just dont see them more than making up the numbers in Div 1 2 players in question + Wats has allowed Barrow to gamble & sign 4 decent amateurs who will be absalute class for Barrow & future years It's going to be tough year but I believe the town will get behind these local lads who will produce the goods I'm sure.
  2. We gave it a good go, 2 lads in the bin just took the momentum away but can't complain when you see how many Barrow born amateurs who have come through there local teams were out on the pitch today, they should be proud. Good effort we move on.
  3. Yep red for Lockwood who wasnt on the pitch for 2 long, shower for you son Need a great 40 mins here, stay in the game & use the extra man.
  4. It's a cold & windy day here in Yorkshire. Been a great start but Fev now getting on top. I count 10 locals in the team today awesome to see Susino & Paratta in Fev team Let's hope Tyson gets a good run today he deserves to be in the starting 13,
  5. Ty's will rip it up , would like to see him play 6 his eye for a pass & defence is 2nd to none, the fans will like what he will bring. Good luck Mark.. Wonder who will be next ?
  6. Welcome to the game Mr Tyson you will rip it up just like I said 6 weeks back. Mark will be a fans favourite 100%. Definitely improved Barrows attacking play with young Johnston & JD creating chances. Good effort from all the trialists but cant see anything but contracts for Tyson, Hopkins, Emslie & McBain well done lads.
  7. Simple, sign Mr Mark Tyson he will fit right in. Top kid, his solid running with a great eye for a pass & defence is top notch He will also move to 6 if required, GET IT DONE!!
  8. Barrow will be better with Carter, Johnston & 1 other who we will see in January games...
  9. JS & DT not far away. Still another centre light & would love to see another FWD signed.maybe at Loose ?
  10. Wish I was 29. The lads fitter than most of them already signed. Not an argument just giving my opinion, Workington, Whitehaven are banging on his door & have been for the last couple of years so he ain't no mug.. Whether he wants it or not that's down to him or the club selling themselves. If Charnock & the Dallimore form in the first half of the season this year is to go by then Tyson is definately good enough. Charnock was pants.
  11. Loxham always 100% & never got the credit, games he played always 6-7 out 10. If we are spending bigger cash on ex SL players & 1 more over seas player ? the players like Tom are a godsend, never moan & always give 100%. Don't need Carter when we have young Forde + Ritson & Shane Toal when he signs ? Last not least Tyson is exactly the kind of player Barrow need Local, utility, young & can play.
  12. Stack, Smith & Dan Toal ? Shane Toal & Loxham Sam Dowset at hooker Mark Tyson Centre & 6 1 more prop & Loose Forward with good hands Job done..
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