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  1. Barrow were taught a harsh lesson today allover the park Tolouse looked sharp, quicker with the ball by a mile both half backs were miles better & when they tackled they let Barrow Fwds no about it some of them were outstanding Whoever said they will struggle then think again, if that was a May surface they would have scored 40 points easy The last 15 our boys were blowing like #### Didn't help with the missed tackles in there 1st 3 scores but droppingvthe ball & giving kamikaze passes especially 1 & 2nd pass was madness infact Sammutt today was very poor Hard to criticise after last year but our backs today were not good enough throughout Get back on the horse & go again we have come to far to let this poor performance get ahead of the guys I want to see Archer play next week, Emslie, Hopkins & young Dawson who can play 9 or 13 he will give it everything Our half's need a shake up & looking like a centre on loan already If available. Cresswell Toal Shaw Corkill Bullman Archer Sammutt Laria wood Gillam Hopkins Stack Wells Interchange Brooks Burke Emslie Dawson Broadbent
  2. A huge difference will be the defence of Worthington & penaltys we won't give away down that side. The amount of times Miloudi jumped the line certainly won't be missed Definitely will miss those 70-80 yard breaks & finishes but both new recruits are no mugs, patience is required Top 6 will be a great achievement even better than last year, but its going to be really tough imo
  3. Ellis was outstanding last year & deserved more time on the pitch imo, seemed to be the fall guy going off to many times when he was getting right into the opposition Would be on the starting sheet every week for me
  4. Correct, reason No 6 on way Welcome Andy Bullman the fans will love you scoring for fun..
  5. Think that boat has sailed, on to much money at Salford Talking about big wages & fulltime job for him Visa anyone? Hamstring injury to Sammutt, least he wont have to play in that ###### wind, rain, snow & mud for the January games
  6. R & H next Just need the big lad to be sorted fingers crossed.. Ellis still has 1 year at St's..
  7. Big fish in small pond, he wont grind away in the super league
  8. Blake Ferguson has done one???
  9. Workington/Whitehaven bound regular game time? Barrow have bigger fish on route!!!! Going to need a bigger boat???
  10. The Raiders will do ok out of this & if things don't work out T will be back in Barrow colours For me it's a win win situation but most importantly T has the chance to make it big in the game he works hard for I for one wish nothing more than to see Tee rip it up. Good luck mate.. Now for Mr Costelo to sign
  11. 2 centres incoming, a job may have to be found for Mr C with the wages he's been on Big Tony & wouldn't Susino look good with him? Barrow are up there now but staying there is going to be tough, the teams now know what Barrow are about so we have to step up 1 more level imo Would love another 6 to play with Sammutt
  12. Disagree, we were burnt out after one hell of a season We have patched up players & just look at todays bench?? Semi play off carrying 3 backs on the bench its a wonder we got within 10 points against a solid Batley who have been in these playofs many times Great effort Barrow hold your heads up high
  13. Ellis has been outstanding the kid is a great player & deserves my POY award, hard yards & defence has been class
  14. Hard to say bad things about Miloudi he's definitely put Barrow Raiders back on the map & played a massive part in T Ritson trys Scored a few himself & deserves a good send iffy even though he's not wired up right Worthington will do a decent job & I'm sure the Chairman will try & bring Costelo maybe to Barrow depending on him dropping his Super League wages Thanks Hakim now get Barrow into the Semi tomorrow
  15. Wow, what game was that he never played he just hid even when he managed a game,nowhere near good enough for top end championship football Hulme just unlucky with injuries imo
  16. Get shut of both Wheeler & Hulme waste of time
  17. Done well when he's played, nearly ed it on Sunday with that stupid tackle lucky to stay on after there red card but yes hasn't let anyone down
  18. Ask him to bring Susino back with him???
  19. One for Mr Chairman Does the the club have any intentions of doing anything with the pitch?? Another couple of bad Winters especially playing those mad pre season games on it will make it look like the Ormsgill pitches Surely we can look at a 5 year plan the grass looks knackered & in many places as bald as Kojak I know the club has fund raising going on during off season on the pitch but if Barrow AFC can re-lay there pitch then why can't Barrow RL? Players & pitch take £££ I know but like I said finance over 5-7 years then why not be brave & get it done? Is it irrigation, water system also requiered? Just a question not having a dig at the wonderfull work that goes on.
  20. Danny Langtree by a mile he was outstanding especially 2nd half Those sponsors are fickle as always the try scorerres never the lads who do the actual hard work & yards Gillam, Laria, Langtree were class today Big worrie for me we always have that 20 min spell that costs us at least 12-18 points Better team even 13 on the pitch today we are gone Seen it way to many times this year only for our attacking ability its costing us big time Home all had mad 20 minute spell Newcastle York Batley London Fev Leigh Dewsbury Workington Away Widnes Widnes at Leeds we drift off either discipline, larthargic work or just 2-3 switching off it costs Listen this team over the season has been unreal, the comebacks the controll in many games nothing but outstanding from the squad & coaching staff especially away from home I think the team just expected to walk over Dewsbury today but that didn't happen Not got a clue where the club goes next year but losing Hakim Sammutt & T will kill this team for attacking points as much as Miloudi is a pain he has scored & created losing him we will be fine lose 2 of those 3 then the club needs some pulling power & magic Keep T will be the best signing we could have Anything on our super Ausie Laria he's been a great find let's hope he wants to return hes given everything Hope Sam Brookes is OK looked like calf strain? Leigh have to let players go we should be allover them, 6, 4, 8 would do nicely Think we have Wells sorted going off reports would be nice to get things done early come on Mr Chairman give the fans some great news Well done Cresta & squad it's been great to watch...
  21. Wheeler can do 1 absolute waste of time Not sure what Danny Morrow is doing next year, Terrill obviously not getting game time & Crellin also Brooks imo has worked his ###### off he deserves another season if not already signed, never sherked that lad Langtree just needs some minutes without a daft injury not seen the best of him As for Costello hes on a big contract at Salford apparently so he aint coming for nothing so not a chance imo Ben Evans already signed up Imo we need new Centre, Second Row & would love another stand off with quality hands & speed Is Laria coming back again solid performance all year Is Mossop leaving could need another 9? Would love an overseas giant in the centres
  22. Pablo Escobar


    Exactly Another reason Wolfe will go fishing overseas is the new signings defence, in Super League its a big big difference Love Tee he is a speacial kid & deserves a shot but dont see any top 3-4 team splashing £50.000 + to buy him then give him the same in wages?? His contract here + fulltime job then any super league deal would need to be better If I was Barrow I would offer him a new deal again, he loves it here Team like St Helens already have youngsters coming through, but there are free agents in the NRL with big experience Hope he stays
  23. Cresswell Ritson Miloudi Costello Toal Carter Sammutt Forster Wood Gillam Hopkins Stack Laria Mossop Brooks Emslie Cozza 18th man B Carter Rested Dan Toal (new arrival?) Injured Langtree, Shaw, Hulme, Wheeler Not picked Morrow, Crellin, Johnston
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