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  1. I think 8th may only need 24 points this year, but look at how far down the table I am in the tipping competition to judge whether I have a clue what I am talking about.
  2. I agree with the top 6, but I reckon Sharks could finish 7th and the Knights 8th as they have a relatively easy run in. I cant see the Dragons recovering from all the suspensions they still have to factor in and the general chaos they face. I have the Raiders and Titans in 9th and 10th with the Dragons 11th, the rest nowhere. Sneaking suspicion that the Raiders experience may just get them in the 8 in front of the Knights.
  3. Not an excuse, just saying if other players had been available the pack would have been bigger and potentially more competitive in the 2nd half.
  4. The player that was most missed was Oledski, along with Tetevano. With those two added to this pack it looks so much stronger. Not to mention Rhyse Martin.
  5. Two errors from Tom Davies (poor defensive read for the first one) and two tries to Leeds. It's a poor quality game, though. Poor discipline from both teams and not a lot of quality on show.
  6. Winners : Eels, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Sharks, Storm, Panthers, Broncos, Bunnies. 408 points 4 away wins 6 to 12 point difference for the poll.
  7. The better team won. When they stop niggling the Catalans are a cracking footballing side.
  8. No idea, I thought you must be watching that as you have no idea what is going on at Headingley
  9. Winners : Sea Eagles, Bunnies, Roosters, Sharks 186 points in total, with 3 home wins. Bunnies to be the biggest scorers.
  10. All the best laid plans, like keeping Josh Curran and Schuster, as well as bringing in Tohu Harris come to nothing. Also, keeping Joseph Suallii and Ryan James looks to have been a waste of time. I will be lucky to be playing 7, but my opponent this week is the same as Irish Saint had last week. On that basis I am keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. I think you meant to say no attempt by Thewliss to play the ball properly.
  12. In the one and a half games I have seen him play half back I have come to the conclusion that he should never have become a hooker. He looks as good a half back as we have in Superleague - BUT he has played behind a dominant pack in those two games and I might be getting over excited.
  13. I'm hoping he (Oledski) gives the Aussies a shock in the world cup, assuming it goes ahead.
  14. Winners : Storm, Warriors, Eels, Sea Eagles, Raiders, Knights, Sharks, Bunnies 408 points in total 5 away wins Biggest aggregate score : Tigers vs Bunnies
  15. I am struggling to see anything but a NSW win, probably by about 10. For the maroons to win Welch and Papalii will have to get on top of Saifiti and Paulo early doors and someone will have to find a way to stop Cleary. Nobody has managed that so far this season.
  16. Winners : Bunnies, Sharks, Panthers, Warriors, Raiders, Storm, Eels, Sea Eagles Points : 406 Home wins : only 3 Lowest Points total : Dragons vs Raiders
  17. How many journalists have reported that he is going? Is it just one rugby union reporter looking for a scoop and getting it wrong, or are there multiple sources reporting it? If the latter I am more prepared to be convinced it might happen. If its just one person making a guess to generate a headline I will just say "Nosey Parker" or "Any Fox League Hack you care to name"
  18. JP is still involved, there is all the Rob Burrow related activity, Senior and Delaney are still involved in community activity and his best mate (JJB) is an assistant coach, so a lot of the group are still around. However, your point is valid and it may be enough to outweigh other factors. Even so, unless this is just wishful thinking on my part, I still feel it would be out of character for Kev to put his own financial interests first.
  19. In most cases I would agree with you, but the whole "thing" about the Rhinos golden generation was that they knew they could earn more at other clubs but preferred to stick together. Sir Kev epitomised that spirit and I just find it hard to believe (maybe I don't want to believe) that he would move to an assistant's role at Leicester just for cash.
  20. I am still struggling to see why Sinfield would go to Leicester as an assistant coach. He has always said that coaching held no interest for him, but administration did. If he was alleged to be going in an admin role to see how the RU elite manage their finances it would be more understandable. I just wonder if he has been seen talking to Mike Ford about George coming to Leeds to fill the stand off role in 2022 (hopefully not) and a third rate journalist has put two and two together to make 5.
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