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  1. Why am i suddenly tired when i read your posts ?.... are you négative for everything or only whith the french ?
  2. There are currently 40 professionals french players. Most of them very yung. None 10years ago...
  3. For exemple when they won the challenge cup ?
  4. Missing bretherton, peyroux, shaumkel, dixon, armitage, white, ader .
  5. 1000 end of may and 5000 middle of june
  6. He would already have signed for toulouse if they were in superleague.
  7. That was part of the money normaly put To rebuild the stade des minimes. €4m is pitch, cloackrooms and press room.
  8. You seems to know more than me who live in toulouse about toulouse olympique.
  9. Could it be because london let toulouse buy a private plane,pay Covid test for all of them and decide few days before to stay home. Very fair.... but still have to pay for everything reserved. Sad
  10. All the clubs are going to travel to toulouse at the end of quarantine.
  11. Toulouse are going To play home matchs in england...
  12. No travel cost : toulouse pay for all the clubs
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