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  1. Callum Marriot was outstanding today, build a team around him. I think Matt should only be judged at the end of next season.
  2. 3 ex Hornets for Batley today but no Joe Taira. Just have feeling for a home win today.
  3. Well the only time we've been winning at half time at home was the Barrow victory.
  4. Anyone know the attendance against Toulouse, £18 to watch Dewsbury!!. I will pay it to watch Rochdale lads but can't see many turning up.
  5. How many of them can you get for £18?
  6. Only twelve years ago we lost 0 - 106 at home to Castleford.. That got turned around and so will this.
  7. I was told Widnes players are going part time next season. Last weeks game was probably a backlash so now they will be in the shop window. Anyone heard a rumour no relegation from Championship.
  8. Forget all the doom and gloom, don't worry about funding until if and when it happens. Let the new people get a winning side on the field then all this annymosity goes away.
  9. Patrick au van may be playing.
  10. I think there should be one more signing from Mayfield, the lad that runs the club.
  11. I attend the annual Hornets ex players evening excellently run by Tony and Gareth Pratt. The feeling for the club and the game is fantastic, if any of those Gentlemen wish to get involved in the club now, i for one welcome it. I dont care about why not in the past, thats gone. Lets look forward, we have hit rock bottom so the only way is up.
  12. When i first started watching Hornets in the mid sixties Swinton where a great side. It was great going to Station road which had a great atmosphere, i remember the posts where the tallest I'd ever seen. It was nearly always a defeat but it was a great place to go too. Players like Fleet would often rip us apart. A shame now its come to rebranding the name because every two name club such as the disastrous mergers means eventually one name dies. I really hope its not Swinton.
  13. Just read Matts comments on the Hornets website and i agree with every word.
  14. So they just want rid of Hornets then. League one play off teams wont be happy, if true.
  15. Excolt 1


    Got to agree with that.
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