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  1. I think the Aussie cardboard cutout idea is a brilliant idea. Revenue for the clubs and even if your game isn't videoed it could be shown on the website. It could take off over here. Over to you Steve Kerr.
  2. Excolt 1


    Hunslet v Wigan I think
  3. Excolt 1


    I know, I think I have re read everything I've got.
  4. Excolt 1


    courtesy of Mr P Standring
  5. Must be worth a few Bob those.
  6. This is the autographed one. Missed it out.
  7. I have Wigan v Hornets 1958 semi final. Hornets v Australia 1967. St. Helens v Hornets BBC 2 Final1971. I have got two of each of these. If anyone wants them just contact me.
  8. I was one of the volunteers to clear straw o the pitch before the Hull game. I can picture now, Brelly jumping over the bales
  9. We also had home luck in the draws up to the BBC floodlight Cup final. Harder games possibly. I remember thrashing Hull fc on the way.
  10. Ha, Ian I even remember you had the only Hornets scarf with the colours length ways!!
  11. Very sad news Frank Myler has passed away. One of the greatest players ever and a superb player/coach for Hornets. RIP Frank.
  12. Wasn't George Parkinson stand off about then? Hard as nails I'm told. I was nine in 1964 and my Dad had just started taking me.
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