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  1. Disgrace of a man . Get out of Rugby League now.
  2. Same old same old. Let Super League get on with it and the rest breakaway and have a semi pro league . The Challenge Cup is ours not Super League and find our own sponsor .
  3. There won’t be much for League One if anything. There have been 26 Grand Finals shared by 4 clubs that’s the problem they want to solve. Probably go for 20 full time teams and divide all monies between those clubs hoping they get a more varied Cup distribution. If they franchise it ,it will allow them to cherry pick. The remaining teams could be cut adrift to find their own funding. I really hope I’m wrong.
  4. Agree the Ref was poor but I think Bennion missing was more of a reason for us losing. Congratulations to him and his wife getting married . Let’s see what IMG come up with this week and the reaction to it from member clubs.
  5. Great result now Swinton and Doncaster knock 7 bells out of each other
  6. Hope we’ve got a player back for next week because Fui got two game ban. Not sure when that starts but seeing as they’ve rushed it through ( it’s normally Thursdays ) it could start Saturday
  7. I hope IMG have listened to Sir Lindsay Hoyle who seems to back all rugby league clubs.
  8. Winners of Doncaster v Swinton through to final . Losers play winners of N.Wales v Hornets in semi final. I think
  9. Yes away and spot on The Lad 14 it was
  10. The game is on , can’t bloody wait
  11. The whole main stand is now open for the Keighley game and if it’s Oldham in the playoffs maybe it will again
  12. Good luck to Ben Okeefe on his Wigan 1st team debut today at Hull K R on the wing I think.
  13. Friends that went say Hornets should have won . Great effort without Sheridan and Rangi plus others.
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