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  1. I remember reading they wanted percentages in case COVID cancelled games. For me in normal times Keighley are top but there does seem confusion
  2. I would expect League Express to get it right over the BBC . I’ve tried to add a photo of the League but it won’t download for some reason. The league could be tied so this does matter , are those rules for a normal season or this?
  3. Just on the percentage thing. The League Express has us top. Can anyone explain how our result is better than Keighleys.
  4. M.Mannifield
  5. Hornets are 8-1 to win league . Great bet I think. Possibly big odds because of the six away games. At least they are at the start of the season when the squad is fit.
  6. Also Penny and Ainscough to come back in . Very promising
  7. Top player and leader on the field
  8. Brilliant news for the club. Great times coming.
  9. Two different animals Swinton and Hornets . Your loss is our gain Swinton are unfortunately nomads Hornets have everything in place and even if it all does go pear shaped I like many will be glad we given it a go instead of a slow death. You seem to be were you are now thanks to Andy and his team but because you didn’t get 100% of what you wanted it’s bye bye. I wonder if all Swinton fans feel the same as you. Good win at Bradford and I hope you stay up so we can play you in the Championship next season.If you are just fishing then well done you must feel very proud of yourself.
  10. Well trying to be positive, we still play every week. The club can budget the income because we are guaranteed nine home games. I’m not sure about the cup if it’s still being played. The only thing lacking is no friendlies but that’s the same for everyone. Three teams in our division are in the Challenge cup but as in Keighleys case is London Broncos away an advantage?
  11. I remember Toga carrying about four Blackpool players over the try line from about ten yards out at Borough Park. Great days
  12. For older Hornets supporters who may not have heard yesterday was the funeral of ex Hornet Nigel Crabtree . Local lad Nigel played for Hornets in the late seventies then later with Milnrow amateur club. A great bloke whose whole family where Hornets through and through. RIP Nigel.
  13. It's Newcastle. It would be great to play them in a friendly
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