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  1. Clocked the draw up it said we where 9 so Workington at home but we where 8. Can't do anything right the RFL.
  2. Just looked at the team's in tonight's draw and Leeds are not in it. Huddersfield, Hull k r and Wakefield are joined by Toronto.
  3. Yes, each round brings in more prize money.
  4. Streamed on BBC Sport and on Our League app at 6.30 tonight
  5. Hunslet or Workington at home, if not Leeds at home. What do you think?
  6. The football club has put a cover over all the pitch, so hope it works.
  7. Half hearted in attack and very weak defence. Must be from last season.
  8. Yes, I think the York game was cancelled because of health and safety erecting the posts. A lot stronger winds today.
  9. All gave 100%, they will only get better.
  10. I have seen the Widnes 20 man squad and it has no first teamers. If you can get a bet on a friendly it I'll be closer than some think.
  11. I was with a lot of ex Hornets players yesterday and they all thought the shirt is great. I agree about the badge though.
  12. All supporters want to see effort. For what Hornets can afford to pay you have more chance off effort from local lads.
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