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  1. All supporters want to see effort. For what Hornets can afford to pay you have more chance off effort from local lads.
  2. I started playing League in the early 70's with Hornets Colts. A very high percentage went on to play for Hornets, some of whom transfered bringing in big money. Although successful, I think the best way is the Saddleworth way, they where the first team I remember having a great youth set up. Mayfield now have this in place so young kids can go with their families at little cost. They soon learn not only how to play the game but also bonding and and friendships that last year's. Some players don't want Pro rugby like the Great Jimmy Powers and that's fine others may step up through the semi pro levels and then onto Super League. It's a shame there aren't more amateur teams playing but I don't think it's the game dying it's more the cost of insurance and paying for somewhere to play. Perhaps instead of bringing in rules about how long the stop clock lasts ( bloody trivial) bring in a law making clubs pay a set fee when signing an amateur to aid development.
  3. For a few quid a year you could find out live. It's on Hornets twitter page.
  4. Off Topic but Barrow season tickets Β£150, just a guideline.
  5. Congratulation to Oldham but God help you now.
  6. Taking the coaching job on half through a disastrous season has to be admired. If you think how far backwards we have gone since winning at Bradford in the snow so let's hope things get turned around and the coaching staff who are Hornets through and through put a team on the field that gives 100%.
  7. Great win and Mayfield have done really well to stay up having lost so many key players over the season plus three being relegated.
  8. Sounds insane, but I can see Hornets winning the two remaining games
  9. Whoever put the rumour out that cental funding would end in 2021 should become a MP. Everyone seems to believe and accept it.
  10. Callum Marriot was outstanding today, build a team around him. I think Matt should only be judged at the end of next season.
  11. 3 ex Hornets for Batley today but no Joe Taira. Just have feeling for a home win today.
  12. Well the only time we've been winning at half time at home was the Barrow victory.
  13. Anyone know the attendance against Toulouse, Β£18 to watch Dewsbury!!. I will pay it to watch Rochdale lads but can't see many turning up.
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