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  1. I only asked and I explained why I asked after it
  2. I only asked as someone said he had put on some social media he was waiting to see what opportunities arose in 22 whatever that means, I agree with you very knowledgeable and a great fella
  3. Is Hewer at the club next year?
  4. Looked on YouTube for Hudson highlights and he looks like he could be a right handful. What happened to Riley last year? Didn't feature much at all.
  5. Think it's a great signing for Haven, still relatively young, experienced in the Championship, local. Don't know what else you could want.
  6. Rumors are Barrow are throwing money around left right and centre at players.
  7. Will be a brilliant signing working under Gorley marra, workhorse who's proven at champ level wouldn't be a bad pack of props with Mcavoy Walker Dawson Thornley Dion if they all stay
  8. People at the top will look after the clubs who always get looked after, they'll probably already know who the top 10 is and the 2nd 10 will be sorted by Championship league positions this year, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was a case of Barrow getting a place and Haven/Town being told they've got a place if they merge, if they don't then no place for either!
  9. Would be happy to keep Thornley, last couple games I seen him play he was outstanding!
  10. Any rumours about tonight's signing/s? Possibly Jake Moore? Can't see it being any amateur from Brow as they still have a final to play this weekend
  11. Probably another half back. As fit as Forber is he'll do well to play every game. Doran, as good as he is, needs to get fitter to have an impact in the champ. And probably a second row if Moore is leaving
  12. It'll be the most competitive championship season in a while next year that's for sure! Even going full time I think Newcastle will be near bottom along with Haven Barrow Dewsbury Sheffield. Workington and possibly London to be relegated and I'll go for Bradford top
  13. I'd heard Moore back to Haven but you never know, Town getting promoted may sway him to stay but seems strange he never played last few games. I'm just hoping all 3 cumbria clubs get competitive sides and shock a few people next year, also hoping that there's no crowd trouble which would take the shine off the cumbria derbies
  14. Fantastic for all 3 cumbria clubs to be in the championship next season, being realistic all 3 will probably be favourites for the drop but hoping they all prove people wrong
  15. Congratulations Town, hope use manage to recruit well to be competitive next year. Not taking away from the squad this year as they've done well of course
  16. Dave Eccleston... don't know much about the lad but all the comments seem positive!
  17. Apparently a new prop/second row coming over, not heard about any amateurs mate but a few could make the step up so I'd be pleased to see a couple sign. Its great to see the club getting their work done early, breath of fresh air and can only help for next season giving them more time to prepare.
  18. New forward from Australia maybe
  19. It's all ifs and buts mate but I think if he had stayed with us it could of looked to others like a big fish in a small pond. Fax will be spending double if not treble what Haven can spend so gives him the chance of shining in a team with other big names and potentially being the stand out
  20. He's got his head screwed on then if that's the case, if he can earn more at fax than wigan and also be playing in a much better team than he would of been if he had been loaned to Newcastle then fair play. He also probably knows another good year at fax his value will go up for when he does go to SL
  21. Bit harsh to say he's gone for the cash, he's been outstanding for us and if he see's Fax as a better opportunity to achieve his end goal and reach SL then we should respect that.
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