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  1. Whilst regionalised games seems the way to go, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few teams struggle if the league clashes with the Union season.
  2. Call the season off, same leagues next year.
  3. The RFL guidelines that have came out recently are ridiculous
  4. Given the RFL guidelines have came out and seem pretty ridiculous, in terms you can still tackle/wrestle/grapple/scrum but just not to cough/shake hands/high 5 or take selfies. Do we think any NCL games will be cancelled?
  5. Maudling possibly after recent events and not being picked, Doran I would of thought would be highly unlikely
  6. Fax +18, dewsbury -8, widnes -20, bradford -8 and took York
  7. Cumbria cup 2017 - Hensingham 26 v 22 ( I think ) Walney Not sure on the following years and cant find any other results online!
  8. Tommy Lee wont be the answer to Havens problem! They need an out and out half back ( not a hooker turned half back ) and a couple big forwards! Great wins for Town and Barrow yesterday, great start to the season for both!
  9. The cap has been in place long before you guys were around and many have tried and failed to get it changed unfortunately
  10. Anyone who thought Toronto would win needs their heads looked at ?
  11. Will be very surprised if Maudling plays
  12. Decent amateur, hope he makes the step up ?
  13. Adam walker would be a great signing! Would of thought another SL or Championship club would of snapped him up
  14. Town off Scratch... buying money at +8 I think!
  15. Brilliant start by saints... why do the TJs walk into the pitch now? One of them walked on about 10 metres before to shout at the tackle...
  16. Think that's the same with the other clubs in Copeland who havent been mentioned....
  17. It may not count on the cap as such but he wont be playing for free will he ? can see a points deduction coming for Toronto next season!
  18. Top and bottom of it is, Town Haven and Barrow wouldnt survive in the Championship nowadays, there's too much money about for other teams and easier for them to get loan/DR players in. Only way a Cumbria team would work is if a merger happened which will never happen.
  19. Adapted dispensation why? The money the clubs have put in to building a youth pathway will of cost thousands of pounds anyway so it balances out anyway.
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