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  1. Our teams built around Jamie and carl no chance either will go
  2. It's all about defence for me. Keep out the big guns and we could run em close. #hallelscoremall
  3. Wellington is one I I wanna see in there but Lancaster had been unplayable so far
  4. Verlinden was the size of a giant who could squat a city in the gym but had the heart of an ant.
  5. Glad to see him signed up to be honest, hopefully can revert back to elbra when not in the squad. He just needs time to adapt everyone needs to remember but in Chris I trust. Good luck ryan
  6. Also bikerdike has been in a few squads and no one has officially announced he has signed? Is he one of the other 2 after ramsden?
  7. Is odonnell injured? Noticed he has been in squads and trained but not played yet. Heard rumours he was a long term injury concern but something official would go nice
  8. The amateurs have been named on here a few times and was in the league Express so would expect that too be the case but it's this third one what's possibly exciting. Hope it is the young aussies half back tbh
  9. Any announcement on when the 2 or 3 players signings will be announced? Utt
  10. What happened with ridyard? Third choice at leigh offered a chance in the championship why not come to jam? Probably wanting a silly sum
  11. Some kind of update on miller is a must. Announced as captain, came off against whitehaven never to be seen again is worrying.
  12. Ramsden (wath brow) and wilson (elbra) have already been mentioned but I'd like more experience to be honest but happy they can add to the squad but will need time to adapt to this level.
  13. Wasnt a pretty watch at all and it showed to me how much we miss a wilkes type leader up top too sort the job out. Nice to see young and hall to get over the line on the plus side and thought russ Bolton was ok too. Any word on miller? or anymore incomings from home or abroad, we still need a few in for sure.
  14. Confirmation would be nice regarding any overseas guys we were targets? If its happening or still looking?
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