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  1. He will take a few week but being in the 21 will be a boost to the lad also
  2. He isn't our player anymore or at least for a month so let's talk about riley and hoping he can put a shift in. Everything we have been asking for he has. Exciting times
  3. There isn't gonna be one simple
  4. Overseas or these shores would be nice.
  5. Also Alex Young had a real good game for me, clegg getting more involved too. 1 17 all had a dig and deserves more
  6. This is where I personally think we lack a bit of social media intrest here. I personally get very excited with the "new signings tonight" etc posts but it seems like after we previously used to do this, it's not the case anymore.
  7. Even though there welsh there will be visa issues no doubt knowing our luck
  8. One still has a few games for derby left first
  9. Arnt we pending new faces this week? Hull boy at centre was outstanding with teare on his edge we could do some damage when he returns from injury.
  10. Is he still with you guys. Heard rumours both worky and whitehaven were looking to take him.
  11. Hopefully we have some more signings, heard we lost others this week, Whitehaven got 2 in, league 1 clubs all getting numbers in we are drips and drabs. Up the town
  12. Over a week ago we heard news of a few incoming signings a week has passed and no news yet? Is there anything in the pipeline with the derby a week away which could get us fans a little excited? Whitehaven and barrow got 3 between them league 1 clubs picking players up surly something can come of Chris's contacts
  13. Both please they can even play prop
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