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  1. Is there an appeal process for tickle?
  2. Absolute delighted with the win yesterday. Did Lancaster get any game time yesterday. My suggestion would be if we can get a full 17 could we not entice olly back for the last hurdles? Even for a slight cameo off the Bench? Also hewitt would be welcome too
  3. Please repeat the comment to me the next few games also. Buzzing
  4. We can beat anyone on our day agreed but Coventry London skolars and crusaders away from home, I've being a realist. Hoping I'm wrong and I will do any forfeit put forward if we go up.
  5. I think thorman must given his chances like every other coach and he has blown it. Would expect him to get a chance at haven next season as some of his best rugby was under charlo previously and wait and see I'm thrive in the championship. On the jjp case I'd take him if given the chance too. Isnt he a local now on paper? Whatever happened back end of the season for haven, he is always class in a derby as is dion
  6. As long as they make up for last week. We are just in it for money now. Newcastle too lose
  7. If Swinton are going bust I wonder if that means barrow will stay up
  8. I based my comment on going forward next season and not retaining them. There experience is second to none agreed but last season penky magic was what got us into the play off finals, him ticking made the team tick. this season that magic hasn't appeared too much. So what would retaining him next season prove? With regards to tickle, vocally brilliant but as for these outstanding performances, I honestly havnt seen it, he has looked average overall. One or 2 games very good. That pot of cash could surely be used on a half back whos job it is to direct the team. Ffmm again Visa wouldn't come cheap, going forward I'd look for one or 2 locals instead.
  9. Clearly I do. So can you please explain why we are in the current position if these 3 have been upto the standards this season?
  10. An official announcement would be nice with Tyler mellor also.
  11. If they had been class, we would be in whitehavens position not ours. Penky has been well below the heights of last season and I honestly think o'Donnell and marwood will provide better partnership next season at 9. Fuifui is unstoppable in attack but any opposition coach will spot him in defence and another year older maybe too much. As for tickle, he is clearly a good old head to have but on the whole season he hasn't been anything special, maudling and barnes have been better.
  12. They are all paid a nice amount of money so why wouldn't they be professional and train?
  13. Because they are 38, 39 and for the drop down from super league to league one well below standard for the expectations.
  14. Looking at 2020 Fieldhouse Wellington (if he stays) Miller Singleton Bolton (if he stays) Doran Forber (new halfback definitely to be mentored) Dawson O'Donnell Curwen Barnes Moulding Scholey Subs Marwood That's not a bad 14 with Lancaster Walsh rooke But we need a big bench and hooker As for penky, fui fui tickle I think it's time they went.
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