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  1. Karl has a hamstring strain couldn't play
  2. See the enemy have signed gillam back. Great signing to replace the injured Brett. If we have any sense we should be signing Morris also to slot into millers spot asap.
  3. We invested heavily this season on what leon wanted and gave him it all and sign work out. Thorman is trying his best to sort it out but unless we miraculously go unbeaten all season from now it's been an embarrassment in my opinion.
  4. We couldn't get a team if we sacked anyone. Struggle to get 17 now
  5. If workington independents posted the below what the heck does it mean? We arnt getting the original granted so what is there intention " Allerdale Borough Council executive committee have today agreed to replace both Workington Town & Workington Reds run down stadia with a new facility fit for the future of both professional sports in Allerdale. We will work hard with all parties to ensure the very best outcome is delivered that doesn’t leave the council or council tax payer with a £95m PFI liability."
  6. Thought mom was moi moi today. We got let our in discipline in defence eventually get into our offence and it was awful to see. Hopkins is surly not the same guy who we got for that one game from Wigan a few years ago he just seems disinterested. Penky isn't a half back anymore and it showed. As for young marwood I think thorman protected him today against an aggressive team
  7. Marwood is surly one for the future who we need signed up but he will benefit training with penky and Declan also. He will get his chance for sure but we need 1 hooker and 3 forwards on the bench imo to see the best out of fui and wilkes you need 2 interchanges for them and then an olsturm/hopkins who can slot in anywhere in the pack
  8. The close to the action wins everytime but some advice would be some kind of foam buffers around the try line and dead ball especially.
  9. I like Wellington in attack but id like to see a bit more in defence. Also for the first game this season it felt a bit more comfortable on the flanks. The referee was fair on both sides and took no prisoners however I think we need to turn up the tempo next week? Any idea where Hopkins was? He hasn't really pushed on as I thought he would.
  10. Do we have any squad news? Also why didn't we ask the giants for Dom young, big centre, what we have lacked since Miller was injured. Utt
  11. As long as we get on a run here and haven keep knocking the wins in. The away fixture could be 2000 plus
  12. Any word on the new winger? I heard fieldhouse senior say we wernt as bad as the scoreline suggested
  13. He is training and there is a good chance he is in the 17 tomorrow
  14. Is he a hooker then or good to go anywhere?
  15. Player coach next season......
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