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  1. I beg to differ Jordan burns is number 1 in our league, class
  2. Not a nice game to watch today and thought the referee was a spoiler. We didn't get out of second gear today apart from 2 or 3 of the tries we scored which were brilliant. Archer looked a big lad to be a stand off but great too see another new player out there. Hopefully 3 debuts next week...
  3. UTT. Well done BOD on 3 super signings. Tabu will do the job no worries and show what getting paid on time does to help performance. I didn't know there was any jacks in your team today who used to play for us...
  4. How do we know galea isn't playing or the others?
  5. Any terrace crack on the newbies visas?
  6. Subject to visa, is there any dates these players are due to arrive? Utt
  7. I trust Murray is picking the best 17/18 he has from the squad and there will be cumbrians who arnt 100% fit although in the squad so won't be in the 17.
  8. When we had Terrill he didn't seem to be in the 17 much so don't think we would pursue a loan. Definitely require a new prop though.
  9. A game to get the silly errors out of the way but our completion rate today must have been very low. Missing a stroke centre (possibly croston) and that big crashing prop we have missed since Wilkes but excitement when sammut came on and to be fair did have chances to make the game closer then what the scoreline shows. However definitely a work in progress and will only get better Razor Silva took some ball in.
  10. I believe haven will be mid table safe and have recruited quite a few unknowns but look the part. Barrow not like other seasons with there recruitment, however smith signing is massive for directing the team around the field.
  11. Any idea how long archer will be out? Exciting youngster like walker will benefit from time with buffer and sammut
  12. Southward from Seaton Where is Taylor from? Was a Penrith lad from ru
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