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  1. Marginet is back in the French league. Rowe is someone would should be looking at. Definitely need 2 with a bit of grunt up top to replace olly and ffmm and compliment curwen dawson and stevie
  2. He is too good for town at this point in his career. Some fans need to accept he isnt coming back.
  3. He was with charlo at town wasnt he.
  4. Pay as you play similar to thackeray for olstrum is best way just a shame he is always AWOL. A dedicated karl is easily championship standard.
  5. Thinks mellor and Lancaster are being mixed up. Mellor gone Lancaster hopefully back for pre season
  6. When he pops up at barrow he can be faulted either. He can commit and be very close to them training when he isnt at work. It just wouldnt happen travelling up here. Tyler was a shame as he was loved by the fans but again it's a career thing is it not
  7. It's not a rumour he has a new job down there and cannot commit to us. It's a shame but at least he has given the notice
  8. I assume miller and Fieldhouse will be back? Although I've never seen it confirmed Fieldhouse will be back.
  9. I take him In the 17 rather then not having 17 but that's about it
  10. Lilley is a championship class halfback on the fringe of super league no chance he will come up here.
  11. I'd like our 2 wingers to be him and Calvin wellington to be honest with russ Bolton also either at full back or as the other winger. Any word on Fieldhouse next season as I'm not sure he was on a 2 year deal and after an unfortunate year for the lad would he be retained?
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