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  1. Yes Everton have wasted a lot of dosh, but they ain't gone backwards, because they were never "forward" not since Kendall's days anyway. Sorry couldn't resist.
  2. Answer to the above question is yes, Tottenham. Bergwijn and Ndombele , big signings and gone backwards big time. Though the Not -So - Special- One might be culpable to a degree.
  3. Surely the point is post name change no one will mention RU in the same sentence. Just as no one says now, " no it's not Basketball it's Netball " Similar sports different names. Perhaps call it on a similar vein to t20 cricket, T13 Footy, ( thirteen/thirteen).
  4. Sorry to point this out, but yesterday's Southampton vs Man City match highlights a small reason for the popularity of football. City dominated possession, had chance after chance and lost. In RL a team so dominant would have racked up 50 points, game over. Luck plays a huge part in football....thankfully.
  5. It's all about market forces and popularity. Big film stars and rock stars earn millions from producing crud that I don't watch or listen to, I don't begrudge them the money. If the studios are milking it in then why shouldn't the stars who create the wealth get their share. Same with footballers, they earn big time because their sport is global, it would just be plain wrong for Sky or whoever to put in billions to football and the players not getting rewarded for creating the interest that Sky are capitalising on. What really is the crux of the dislike some have for football is that they feel , possibly rightly, that RL should be getting these rewards and should be global, not football. Well as far as I know football didn't expand throughout the world by putting a gun to people's heads and say play our game or else, but got off their collective butts and put the work in , while most other sports sat on their backsides and did naff all. I'm sure if RL ever got global no one on here would begrudge them top dollar.
  6. Agreed, people should just be honest and say they dislike football for what it is and not wrapping themselves in pious purity by banging on about wages, that presumably they wouldn't begrudge RL players.
  7. Will there be a touch of schadenfreude from Warriors fans ? I believe they and Latics fans don't get on.?
  8. Relegation for Wigan isn't certain. They're 8 points above third from bottom now , if they end 13 points above third bottom the 12 pts deduction won't relegate them. Wigan are playing well at present and all of Hull Huddersfield and Stoke aren't, so there's still hope.
  9. Northampton 4 Exeter 0 Well done Northampton, thoroughly deserved. Well done EFL for playing at Wembley. The players deserved their day out despite the eerie atmosphere of the national stadium.
  10. Do LUFC own Elland Rd ? If they do it's a bit presumptuous to think they'll be okay with hosting 10 events a year. After 16 years trying to get back to the PL won't they be wanting their pitch in pristine condition to help them stay up. Two or three events maybe, but 10 seems excessive from LUFC's perspective. I've seen a bit of Bielsa's Leeds, they're not exactly Barca's tiki taka but do like to play on the ground.
  11. That's good, perhaps Elland Road for CC Final, as Wembley seems to be losing its lustre.
  12. Assuming LUFC would be happy to host RL games., they certainly won't need the money if in the EPL . I'm not sure if it's the current owners or previous ones, but they did object to their ground used for Yawnion, for WC games I think.
  13. Honest question: does any real vicious hostilities exist in RL between sets of supporters? I mean real scary stuff, like in football ie. Galatasary vs Besiktas or River Plate and Boca Juniors. Has anyone here been at a RL game and thought , Jeez this is getting scary, or doesn't it happen in the game at all. Thinking possibly in Sydney.
  14. With the Premier League back thought I'd give my predictions on top and bottom. Top Four; 1 Liverpool , 2 Man City, 3 Chelsea, 4 Man U. Sorry no Leicester Relegated Norwich, Bournemouth and Brighton. Promoted, Leeds, West Brom and Fulham and Brentford in an all London play off final. Like to see Brentford go up.
  15. Why is Salford FC ghastly? The class of '92 have invested in the club creating something that the locals seem happy with and are getting good gates, and showing ambition. In certain puritanical football followers heads the very definition of being ghastly. Oh brother. I believe you're a ahem sort of Norwich follower , must be delighted the canaries will soon depart from the ghastly PL.?
  16. Reminder - tonight Dortmund vs Bayern Munich at 5, should be a cracker.
  17. Yes I remember it well, here's a classic clip of Olly Reed completely out of his skull on the show.
  18. Just finished the latest series of inside no 9, fantastic. What a great series, if you've not tried it, here's some reasons why you should.
  19. Ah a fellow Whovian. I love classic Who, not too keen on NuWho but have watched them all......once, and only once it will stay. Recently watched a story from each Doctor. Started with Space Museum, then , Invasion, The Daemons, Seeds Of Doom, Arc Of Infinity, Trial of a Time Lord ( 9-14), Ghostlight., then enjoyed it so much went through the process again with, Tenth Planet, The Web Of Fear, Monster Of Peladon, Invasion of Time, Earthshock, Timelash, and Remembrance Of The Daleks.
  20. Sort of enjoyed the matches I've seen so far. Best though is the current offering from Bundesliga 2, Gunther Froth vs Cheeseburger, or whatever. Good game.
  21. Just caught up with the latest series of Curb Your Enthusiasm, brilliant. The series arc has Larry setting up a coffee shop, Latte Larry's, next door to Mocha Joe's, a coffee shop he was banned from. image.webp
  22. Who to support in the Bundesliga. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52632680 Tottenham are Fortuna Dusseldorf !? Bloody cheek.
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