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  1. What is the going rate for this service - is it £12.99 per month ? I'd love to know how many have actually signed up for it.
  2. Is it on ? In some doubt at 10am and apparently fog descending....people need to set off.
  3. Catalans v Wigan at Aime Giral was actually 11 February 2006. But Wigan's 'name' is the one French fans appear most attracted to.
  4. Rob Burrow's stunning 2011 try. Sensational effort that remains unsurpassed in a GF.
  5. Is this not classed as alcohol sponsorship, which I thought had been outlawed with Stones Bitter etc ? Circumventing the system ?
  6. Where has the subscribers' League Report section gone from the Opta RugbyHub site for this weekend's completed SL matches ? It's the section that reveals player stats, minutes played, penalties, six-agains, errors etc and has disappeared this week. Not good enough for an alleged service. So frustrating for those wanting to assess what actually happened. Is there anywhere else where one can find such information - and please don't suggest the amateurish, absolutely awful Betfred Super League site.
  7. Leeds' favourite position. Title winners from 5th in 2011 and 2012. Maybe not under Agar....
  8. Should be in huge command. Arguably the best winger in SL and likely to be leading try-scorer in 2021. Hope he's in the Dream Team.
  9. You must be delighted that the only change to last season's top-six is that Rovers have replaced Hull. Onwards and upwards.
  10. I've noticed your anti-Bentley stance has strangely coincided with his decision to join a bigger club in Leeds. He's no Isa. He was arguably Saints' best in last year's Grand Final win, absolutely tireless in making a staggering 69 tackles. And he was integral to Saints winning their opening 6 matches before his injury in April. At 23, a massive loss for St Helens. Bentley is a tremendous forward, potentially the 'new Bateman', and he'll be just fine under Richard Agar in 2022.
  11. It's next season when it's going to come back and bite hard judging by comments on social media. TRUST is gone from the fans and that's hard to get back. Just when you think things cannot get any worse.....they're digging their own graves.
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