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  1. Leeds Rhinos have put on Facebook that Levi Edwards will be recalled if needed from his loan at York but is likely to remain with the Knights at this stage.
  2. Featherstone have just signed Jonathan Ford, will be available in two weeks. It seems you can never have enough players.
  3. Anyone any idea of the crowd figure, the only negative on the our league coverage was that the main stand looked very empty.
  4. Watching both from a sunny but cold Cyprus,.
  5. As I understand it be got 25k guaranteed money last season, and was offered the same for this season. Fev offered him 30k.
  6. Whitehaven have drawn Saints at home, excellent reward for them.
  7. Hull press says that Logan has left to spend more time with his family. Our small squad gets even smaller.
  8. Firstly, a great game of rugby, all the York lads can hold their heads up high. Secondly I don't think Pauli Pauili is fit, his knee being so heavily bandaged so early in the season is a worry. Lastly, I have always had a soft spot for Cas, but the behavior and language from some of their fans near me was ridiculous, you would think it was Wembley not a pre-season friendly. All clubs attract idiots, it appears the larger the club the more idiots you attract.
  9. Just read on Facebook that Danny Kirmond and his wife have taken over the bar at Sharleston Rovers, following his retirement from York City Knights.
  10. Hull KR tried to sign him but they could not guarantee him first team football, whereas Bradford could.
  11. I was sitting behind a HKR Director at yesterday's match, he had come to watch London's number 10 and I think he said 17 as they have just signed them. He also said they tried to resign Marty Marsh, but he would rather stay at York.
  12. I am glad that I don't have to make that decision. One the one hand he has played really well on the few occasions he been fit, and surely he couldn't have so much bad luck two seasons in a row. On the other hand there is that nagging doubt, maybe he could ?
  13. Does anyone know if he is on a one or a two year contract.
  14. No mention of him for a couple of weeks, and didn't see him at last Sundays game. Is he still at the club, or has he gone back to Australia.
  15. According to the Knights Facebook page, the crowd limit is now 4000 for Sunday.
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