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  1. Why am I not surprised. That expression about a ###### up in a brewery comes to mind. Doncaster Keepmoat took less than 2 years from planning permission to opening, it's almost twice the capacity of the community stadium and cost only £20 million. Rotherham FC's New York stadium was less than 2 years from planning permission to opening, it's capacity is 12,000 and it cost circa £20 million. So why is the community stadium taking so long and costing so much. CYC are a bunch of incompetent a***holes.
  2. No game next week what shall I do. Fu** off to Spain for a week that's what I'll do and hopefully get my blood pressure down after today's game.
  3. Manley because they play in maroon and white which were the colours of the amateur club I played with. That's also why I'm a Queenslander for state of origin.
  4. Voting has closed and Liam finished top with 30% of the vote.
  5. Liam's second half try against Dewsbury is up for try of the week on the OurLeague web site. I've cast my vote.
  6. Will the bar at the new stadium provide an income stream for the Knights or the stadium management co. ie YCFC. If it's the latter I'll not be drinking there.
  7. Thanks everyone for you suggestions and guidance.
  8. Excellent blog. Totally agree about the "cheating". One of the problems is referees not applying the laws, eg at the play the ball the rules state that the tackled player must allow the tackler time to clear the ruck area before playing the ball.
  9. Me and a couple of mates going on the train. Anyone else on the train? Where's everyone drinking?
  10. Me and a few others wil be coming by train on Good Friday. Can anyone recommend a real ale pub near ground/station for a pre match drink?
  11. Sh*t draw but could have been worse, could have been Salford away.
  12. Alex Simmons interview with Connor Robinson: https://membership.rugby-league.com/news/54449
  13. Couldn't make it today so listened to radio commentary. My stomach is still in knots. Sounds like another great defensive effort, especially when down to 12 men.
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