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  1. How does that plan progress from 7 conferences into a number of teams (presumably 16 or 8 teams) qualifying from that phase to facilitate a knockout phase leading up to a final? Is it the top two of each conference plus the two best third placed teams?; the top team in each plus the best runner up?; or do teams progress to a further group stage from which 2 or 4 teams emerge as in some of the past FIFA World Cups?
  2. There is also the issue that the CC Final was recently reported as moving back to being in May. How many people would be keen to sit through multiple games in late March or early April?
  3. The RFL tried to reduce the number of Academies recently, it resulted in a lot of complaints from those clubs losing their Academy licence. This was followed by an immediate backtracking of the decision.
  4. I imagine it is a case of the NZRL feeding stories to journalists that take and keep the narrative away from the RLWC and their withdrawal to prevent any chance of growing discontent amongst players and fan base. I apologise for my part in the thread drift.
  5. This is hopefully my last post along this tangent as we risk driving this thread off the subject at hand, the RLWC. What Newcastle have done and continue to do is success. They have been in existence for two decades and are still growing and progressing, as is the NERL community scene. A great problem we have is that too many people seem to think that expansion is creating SL clubs. Expansion is creating RL clubs and players whether that be at SL, Championship, League 1 or community level. Expansion also doesn't just cover the men's game, women's RL, wheelchair RL and PDRL and LDRL are all are
  6. I think it would be wise to run a few 9s tournaments to assess popularity and demand and how committed to sending their front line players clubs are before we looked at replacing a successful event like Magic Weekend with 9s though.
  7. The most recent iteration of a 9s tournament we had attracted very poor crowds partly as the clubs didn't take it particularly seriously and used mostly academy players. The danger is that if we replaced the Magic Weekend which is successful with a 9s competition without first assessing proof of concept, level of club buy-in, popularity and demand among the fanbase then we risk repeating that and destroying Magic Weekend as an event.
  8. With Academy games whether or not they act as curtain raisers varies from club to club, some clubs like Wigan are unable to use the same stadium as the first team for Academy games, others choose to play at a different site for junior teams. Our Academy and women's RL teams play at Robin Park Arena which is next door to the DW but tend to be on a different day to the men's first team games. The Academy GF has to be played at the senior team's stadium so when we reach and play host to that it tends to be played as a curtain raiser but not at other times. SL and Academy fixture lists don't
  9. I know you have espoused it many times but the Field of Dreams approach will not and repeatedly has not worked for RL. In Manchester specifically anyone wanting to watch a successful team has a choice of two cashed up, trophy laden, massive association football clubs. Having someone come in and buy up a group of top international RL players and get them into the UK system (this is where they have to play - your multi franchise billionaire funded start-up league is a whole warehouse full of pie in the sky - I like your enthusiasm but it simply wouldn't work) will not equate to having thousands
  10. The unfortunate truth being that getting Mancunians to pay to watch them in any numbers would not be an easy win. It is ultimately why the pins in maps approach has not worked. People have to care about the sport enough to want to go and support it, those people don't exist in Manchester or if they do they will already follow one of the historically successful clubs in SL.
  11. They are listed as one of the official partners (so a sponsor) on the Wigan club website and are also featured alongside the various social media with the heading 'follow us on Iqoniq' same as for other social media platforms. The only person I can remember buying a stake in Wigan recently is a businessman called Mike Danson.
  12. Their name was still on advertising boards at Wigan v Leigh yesterday so they must still be going (though I have no idea what they do). I would guess that if some clubs are covering their logo then it is connected to individual sponsorship deals between Iqoniq and those particular clubs.
  13. I think we all know that the clubs for financial reasons will want (need) more than 9 home fixtures per season. The question is how they go about getting them. Unfortunately they will likely go for the easy but unpopular option of playing each other 3 times. Other options could be cross division games between SL1 and SL2 or a reformatted Challenge Cup with a group stage to add games, both of those have drawbacks but could be put on the Season Ticket and provide some fixture variety as opposed to loop fixtures. As I and others have said we will most likely end up with a 3rd league game vs the s
  14. In our sport we are not and will not be the Premier League though. NRL is Premier League, we unfortunately are SPFL, League of Wales, League of Ireland. We have been losing and will continue to lose players to NRL and RU we are going to remain below those in the pecking order. We are now starting to lose players before they even play for the first team, I don't like it any more than you do but it is the reality. Changing the league structure in itself will not stop that happening but not changing the league structure won't stop it happening either. Just as with any other time if a change
  15. Most of the stars are down under already or heading there anyway. As a Wigan fan I see a good kid emerge from the academy and straight away am resigned to thinking 'how long will we get to keep this lad for'. We could stick another million on cap spend for all clubs and still lose them. If it were two equal conferences then it would be up to the sport to sell the rights to the French (with the benefit of two French clubs at the top level) and to get more from UK broadcast rights. We could potentially have London (I know), Newcastle, York, Sheffield in the 20. Historically we have not been
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