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  1. The poster I quoted included York in the list. That poster only missed out Halifax and Widnes of the 8 clubs eligible to apply.
  2. Those 6 plus Halifax (top 6 in 2018) and Widnes (played in SL in 2018) will be eligible. I would think that recent financial history should rule out Bradford and Widnes if appraised sensibly.
  3. This is correct, Wigan have operated the three year cycle for a few years now. This (2021) wouldn't be the alternative kit year as that should have been 2020 with a traditional kit in 2021, but 2022 is the club's 150th anniversary and we will have a traditional shirt then so they seem to have switched the cycle around for that reason. I like the shirt and will be getting one though some of our fans will hate it and be very vocal about it no doubt. It is always the same type of reaction to the year 3 alternative shirts, the worst reaction was the 2011 kit which looked like the colour had run turning the white hoops pink. That design sold more shirts than any other though.
  4. This rearranged game has been done for Catalans' benefit as they try to make it to 15 games. However Salford have already played 15 and aren't chasing a top 4 spot, play on Fri 30th and on the following Friday 6th Nov. Hull FC who are competing with Catalans for 4th and also have had a game v Catalans called off due to Covid, play on Thursday 29th and don't have a game on 5th/6th Nov. Catalans should be playing Hull FC not Salford.
  5. The scheduled 4 fixtures that remain for Catalans would mean them having a chance of finishing top 4 having only played the teams currently 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th once as the games cancelled were against those teams and do not have available slots to reschedule as it stands. Perhaps that is a factor influencing the thinking that some reshaping of the season whether fixtures or playoffs is needed. I would still prefer that fixtures are altered to fit in the postponed games followed by a top 4 playoff as planned at the resumption of the season.
  6. Unless some form of fixture re-jig happens then the cancelled games earlier in the season will work out well for the Catalans (assuming they win more than they lose of their remaining games) as they will have a chance to make the top four whilst only having played Wigan (2nd), Warrington (3rd), Leeds (5th) and Hull FC (6th) once in the season. Come to think of it maybe that is behind the rumours of changes to the fixtures and/or playoff structure being considered.
  7. As things stand 5th place would make the playoffs as Leeds and Hull FC have the same points as Catalans but have made/will reach the 15 game threshold so are only below the Catalans on win percentage.
  8. It is a mad idea, 8 teams have played at least 15 games already, two more will get to 15 tomorrow night. Adding more teams to the playoffs because 1 team possibly may not get to the 15 game threshold would be a total over reaction. The only change that would make sense would be to end the season now for the bottom three as they can't make the top 4 and to re-jig the fixtures for the last three weeks to fit in some of those cancelled Catalans games and then run with the top 4 playoffs as planned.
  9. I saw that story and shook my head. Eight teams have played at least 15 games, Leeds and Salford have played 14 and will make it to 15 when they play tomorrow. Why would they even consider altering the format just for the sake of Catalans? It's unfortunate that they have been the worst affected but they are the only one that possibly won't make the 15 game threshold. Adding even more teams to the playoffs at the last minute would be a daft over-reaction. I could understand an approach of saying to the bottom three, who have no chance of making the top 4 that their season has ended so that fixtures could be re- jigged to allow some of those cancelled fixtures to take place over the next three weeks but they need to stick with the top 4 playoffs.
  10. Maybe Omid Djalili could play Koukash. On the final, Salford amongst other qualities have shown a lot of doggedness and an ability to play the full 80 so I can't see anything like Hull KR's horror show of 2015 happening. Very few of Leeds pre-2015 team are still around and Salford while only having last year's GF on the club's recent records do have players such as Watkins, Sarginson, Dudson and Mossop who have played in and won finals so the club experience of big games being in Leeds' favour is not really accurate IMO. I have gone for a narrow win for Salford.
  11. Everything is only being set in stone in two round blocks due to the changeable nature of the situation. I had a look at Wigan's remaining fixtures (provisional schedule) on the club website after our game v Catalans was brought forward to this week (as we were due to have our Toronto fixture this week so I wanted to see when our bye was now due to happen). The last scheduled round is provisionally 13th November and the GF was stated as being on or around 27th November so I would deduce 20th November for the SFs. The dates I expect will be made official once we know they don't need to be put back at all.
  12. We have played 14 games and have 6 further games scheduled with the last of those expected to be on 13th November. We may or may not play all 6 of those games but the club would have to hope that the measures taken to limit the virus within the club will be robust enough in tandem with the size of the squad to avoid us having to call off any games. The playoffs are due to start on 20th November, the GF is supposed to be the week after that. If they expect anything from 6 weeks or longer for him to recover then his season is over. Rather than being optimistic they are referencing the season schedule, I would say that is to be expected from any club. For any club to talk now of not thinking they can fulfil all of their scheduled games would be a case of being too pessimistic (unless they knew that current loss of players due to Covid would prevent them fulfilling their very next fixture).
  13. With regards to player development a player produced through the academy system that we would call home grown and that doesn't count towards any quota limits like Oliver Gildart at Wigan, Jack Walker at Leeds, Leroy Cudjoe at Huddersfield is defined as 'Federation Trained'. They remain 'Federation Trained' even after transferring to a different club. Brad Singleton at Wigan, Kallum Watkins at Salford and Jack Hughes at Warrington are all Federation Trained players despite having changed clubs as they were developed within the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) system. Jamaica are full members of the RLEF, Canada and USA are affiliate members of the RLEF so players produced by RL development systems in those countries would be produced under the auspices of the RLEF and thus would be Federation Trained. Any player developed in Canada, USA or Jamaica should be counted as Federation Trained regardless of whom they play for just as French players are.
  14. Smithies is in the squad as his ban has now been served. Worryingly we only have 3 out and out props in the squad so it could be a repeat of the cup semi with Wire steamrolling up the middle while we get little joy. I agree that we should play Smith in the halves with Tommy at 9 for the rest of the season. The squad named has not boosted my confidence in our chances of winning, if anything it has made me feel more certain of a (probably heavy) defeat.
  15. I can't see us winning this one, if we show the same approach as we did against Leeds (not wishing to take anything away from the Leeds performance) we will get beaten heavily. Please can we at least have someone other than Leuluai kicking on the last play, we have known for years he is poor at it but they keep giving him that job.
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