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  1. I really like this part 1) because you could end up with two more blokes in Pryce and KPP that have experienced playing in the best comp in the world and will be pushing for spots at the next WC, and 2) young stars come over and other blokes, like the two you mention, get their chance.
  2. So what chance a barbarians style game rounding out the tournament with the best of the latter three playing England.
  3. Yes, with all the Aussie, New Zealand and P.I. players involved in a post-season Test series over here, do the Luke Keary`s, Mitchell Moses`s, Alex Twal`s et. al. want to be sitting at home here on their hands. An attractive Test series round robin in the N.H. may be enough to entice them over to get a part of the international action.
  4. Even more evidence that things are happening: PNG Reflections – One Month On | Broncos In a recent trip to Papua New Guinea, Scott Prince, Delouise Hoeter, Keenan Palasia and Ethan Quai-Ward were given a warm welcome by the beautiful people of Port Moresby. Joined by Broncos CEO Dave Donaghy and Wellbeing & Education Manager Adam Walsh, the players visited several schools to share important messages around being active and healthy, working hard at school and saving for their future. At times, it was hard to tell who was enjoying the experience more - the students or the Broncos ambassadors! It was Donaghy’s first trip to PNG, where he also met with Prime Minister James Marape. I mean like the CEO goes there and also meets with the Prime Minister, how many other sporting organisations get that sort of welcome. Big plans afoot for PNG, sounds like there`s going to be a bit of a goldrush on for NRL clubs in PNG.
  5. I would have liked the Dolphins to have made a play for Miller as I think his game time in first grade for the Sharks will always be limited. He certainly showed a lot of energy when he did appear and the Dolphins are light on halves and it`s where Miller said he wants to play. I did see him get run over in defence a couple of times, though that can probably be fixed. I suppose the other thing is, he is an exciting player and I`d like to see more of him, not much chance of that if he is languishing in the Shark`s reserve grade. p.s. the raids on union 7`s have begun, the Cowboy`s have three Fijian 7`s players and the Storm at least one in the highly rated youngster Will Warbrick.
  6. NRL launches Surf Life Saving Partnerships to take footy to the beach | NRL.com Beach Touch Footy will give surf life saving participants the chance to compete and show off their skills, with competitions running in the 13-17 and open (18+) age groups. The best teams at each event will win a dream trip to the NRL’s Magic Round in 2023, where they will represent their state in the national finals. The events will also cater to younger Surf Life Savers, with those aged five to 12 years taking part in one-hour ‘League Stars’ skills-based sessions. Peter V’landys AM, Chairman of the Australian Rugby League Commission, said, “I’m very excited about this initiative which brings together two Australian traditions, footy and the beach. Now you can enjoy both at the same time. It also encourages kids to be active in the best possible environment. “These events are just the beginning for our partnerships with Surf Life Saving in Queensland and New South Wales. As community partners moving forward, we believe there is great potential to increase the reach of both sports on the coast and in regional areas of Australia.” Just brilliant, another way to increase exposure, participation and grow the fanbase. Great to see the best teams representing their state also being given exposure at the Magic Weekend round.
  7. I`m hoping that one legacy of the WC just gone will be from the strong viewing numbers down under, 97 000 average for the Aussie men`s games, 617 000 for the Final, we may finally start to see a bit of competitive tension come bidding time for broadcast rights for the 2025 WC. You`d think given those numbers we may see a bit of FTA interest. Aided and abetted by the hype surrounding the PI nations rise and hopefully some sort of international calendar at the end of the next two NRL seasons. Obviously won`t be a fortune but every little bit will count.
  8. Try this mate, Wayne Bennett is now backing a State of Origin eligibility overhaul so World Cup heroes who grew up in Queensland and NSW are not blocked from playing Origin in the future. It comes as the Queensland super coach also pointed to record World Cup TV ratings as a wake-up call to everyone standing in the way of the international game’s development. “Let’s stop the bulls***,” Bennett fired, after learning 617,000 people had tuned into Fox Sports and Kayo in Australia alone to watch the World Cup final between the Kangaroos and Samoa. It’s not that complicated. “Everyone needs to think about what is in the game’s best interests here. “We have to acknowledge where international football is heading. READ MORE:Push for Origin eligibility change on cards “We had more than 600,000 people who got up in the middle of the night to watch that game. “That shows there is a market for it, and we are in the entertainment business.” To put Australia’s World Cup TV ratings in perspective, the audience on Fox and Kayo for the final was about three times as many people who would get up to watch the US Masters golf tournament here, while the average for each men’s game was 97,000. Over in England there was also record TV ratings on free-to-air. The semi-final between England and Samoa attracted 2.38 million viewers on the BBC, which was 21.2 per cent of the overall market, while more people than ever also tuned in on continents throughout the world. The Rugby League World Cup Final between Australia and Samoa drew over 600,00 people to their screens. (Photo by Lewis Storey/Getty Images for RLWC) Bennett concedes previously he was with the old school brigade who didn’t want anyone representing another tier one nation still to be eligible to play Origin. But he’s now backing the calls for change on the strict proviso you still need to have grown up playing junior footy in Queensland and NSW. The NRL is currently considering making an amendment if Samoa or Tonga are elevated to tier one nations. Under the current rules if Samoa was to become a tier one nation the likes of Junior Paulo, Jarome Luai, Stephen Crichton and Brian To’o, as well as young Joseph Suaalii, would not be allowed to play Origin in the future. It also rules out Victor Radley because he chose England because of his father’s heritage. “What I’m saying is the criteria to play for Queensland and NSW must not change,” Bennett added. “But what should change is that players should be available for selection for a whole lot of countries outside Australia. “Victor Radley should be allowed to play for NSW and also play for England. But he will never play for Australia. “He made that choice. But he still ticks all the boxes to play Origin because he grew up playing his football in NSW. “What a lot of people seem to be struggling to understand is that these players like Junior Paulo and Jarome Luai and Brian To’o, they’ve all grown up in Sydney. “So under the criteria as it is now they qualify for Origin. “Then you have a bloke like Tom Burgess, who doesn’t tick the boxes, because Tom grew up in England. So he shouldn’t be playing Origin. “Herbie Farnworth is another who doesn’t tick the boxes (because he didn’t move to Australia until his late teens). “So the criteria stays the same in that respect. “But we have to acknowledge where international football is heading.” It`s all about the likes of Tonga and Samoa and other nations getting Tier One status. As the article says once those nations are declared Tier One the players mentioned won`t be able to play SOO. As long as those countries remain Tier Two they can play both.
  9. An incredible 617 000 people got up in the middle of the night in Oz to watch the WC Final between Australia and Samoa. Other Australian men`s matches averaged 97 000, prompting Wayne Bennett to come out and say : “Let’s stop the bulls***,” Bennett fired, after learning 617,000 people had tuned into Fox Sports and Kayo in Australia alone to watch the World Cup final between the Kangaroos and Samoa. “It’s not that complicated. “Everyone needs to think about what is in the game’s best interests here. “We have to acknowledge where international football is heading. Wayne Bennett is now backing a State of Origin eligibility overhaul so World Cup heroes who grew up in Queensland and NSW are not blocked from playing Origin in the future.
  10. California Rugby League @CaliforniaRL · 5h Already seeing the fruits of Toa Samoas labor. 2 clubs have connected today asking how to join in to play RL 13's in our competition which launched Dec 17th. Experienced players and coaches who just needed that little bit of something special to inspire them. Thank you Toa Samoa! We`ve all been thrilled by the crowds around the world celebrating Samoa`s success at the RLWC and also with hundreds queuing up at Sydney`s airport since 3.a.m. this morning to greet them. And now we`re seeing the flow on.
  11. And who`s to say that these three might not make themselves available : Kangaroos stars of Samoan heritage, Tino Fa'asuamaleaui , Jeremiah Nanai and Murray Taulagi.
  12. Well there`s some pretty young talent amongst this bunch : Luciano Leilua, Tyrone May, Izack Tago, Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, Braden Hamlin-Uele, Josh Aloiai, Danny Levi and Nu Brown for starters.
  13. Never done it, never seen anyone do it in Oz in my whole life. In fact the only people I have ever seen do it has been foreign politicians having done it in their younger days being reported on the news.
  14. I`ll be a `secret` Samoan for the evening that`s for sure. Definitely no black face though, just in case I run into a real Samoan.
  15. Just don`t get how that thrilling game could peak at 2.4m and average 1.4m. Does that mean ~1m turned off when England fell 10 points behind, a team they had walloped 3 weeks earlier and had to be odds-on to make a comeback. Or surely people weren`t just bored. Just don`t get it. To be perfectly frank though, considering some on here were saying anything less than 4m for a final involving England, 1.4m for a semi is pretty disappointing.
  16. Yeah you`re right, millions tuning in all over England and come next year no club within cooee to follow. People don`t want to start following some local amateur team, if they are lucky enough to even have one, they will want a team in the Super League that isn`t half the country away.
  17. And can you imagine the hype if they had a world beating team that had the aura of union`s Lions. I suppose come Monday they may well have a world beating team, but I still think if organised judiciously the concept could be a winner on and off the field.
  18. Yeah mate it would take a fair bit of goodwill but given the shots today of Tongans wearing Samoan colours to church on Sunday it does suggest a camaraderie amongst the Island nations. One of the things I keep reading about the British Lions union team is that to beat them is a really big deal and rarely achieved, certainly over here. A combined (an appropriate name would be crucial) Pacific Nations side could be equally invincible. There`s no way I`m suggesting replacing the individual PI teams, but given the growing hype around PI nations, what a sight and drawcard a combined PI team could provide touring every decade or so. It`d be just another very bankable product.
  19. And so they can. What I`m more interested in is what a money spinner it would be. All we ever hear about over here is Oz union pinning all their financial hopes on the 2025 (?) Lions tour., why couldn`t we have something similar once a decade or so. It would be just another very bankable product.
  20. Now a Pacific Islands " Lions " team, rampaging across Australia and New Zealand (might even visit Europe occasionally if you could put up a fight) would be a mouth-watering prospect once a decade or so.
  21. These Pacific teams aren`t going to go away any time soon. " In another significant development, around half of this year’s Australian Schoolboys side would be eligible to represent Pacific nations. " Given their famous World Cup surge, many believe the number of young players wanting to represent Samoa over rival nations will increase." As mentioned elsewhere, as it may be difficult due to logistical issues, to include many of these Pacific Nations in our State Cup competitions, we may find the focus for these nations may be at the school level, with the best increasingly being brought over on scholarships to study and play League. This could be huge.
  22. Yeah not bad for the lightweight Luai, that`s what you called him and Milford well I can`t remember the exact words but basically a dud.
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