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  1. Now tv is £35 a month on a rolling contract without the next for the box/ satellite. Just before the season started they offered me £20 per a month for 12 months so its all good. I also like championship football so a winner for me with the playoffs coming up.
  2. Think the 5k in 2016 was at Craven Park (not sure of capacity at the time). Also 7k NZ v Fiji . England were playing in Wigan on the same day so always likely to make a difference.
  3. Hull City have just changed managers and won mid week so don't you worry about them. York City spent around 5 years in the league below and were promoted this year so mid table is not bad form either.
  4. It was originally. Changing it was part of the Allam games. They astroturfed round the edge of the football pitch. This means for the rugby pitch the in goal areas have to be taken off the 100m so its short. Due to be dug up in June again so not sure it the new owner (Acun IIlicali) would reconsider. The stadium roof covers the edge of the pitch so I would think this would be part of the reason for doing it as the grass didn't grow.
  5. Hull City/ stadium management just been taken over by a turkish media man so interesting times to see what ideas he has
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