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  1. Honestly I think you severely overestimate the significance that Australia holds in the world and in the UK. Europe doesn’t really care about Australia. If we think of Australia, it’s the hot country far away with nice beaches and dangerous animals. That’s it! For some reason, a lot of Aussies seem to think they’re some sort of mini America that holds the same significance as America
  2. Interesting comment! Kangaroos can hardly fill out a stadium in Australia but they’re a “prime drawcard”. Uhm sorry to burst your bubble but a lot of people here wouldn’t even care. So there’s a sponsor across a jersey? So what? Man the level of delusion on this forum is something else
  3. This is the cringest most insecure thing I’ve ever read. For a team that plays once (at most) each year, that will surely show the rahs rahs that Australian rugby league attracts big sponsors if they do happen to tune when Australia plays their one test for the year *sarcasm*
  4. 1. That’s not what I’m saying at all but you gotta admit, the status quo needs to change. If we want the sport to be more popular then club RL is not the way to go. For all its popularity, Australian Rules is virtually unheard of once you leave the Aussie shores. NFL on other hand, is the richest sports league in the world, in the most culturally relevant country in the world. You cannot compare the NRL to it as the dynamics are completely different. As a result of the cultural significance of America, the NFL is watched all around the world. Furthermore the US has over 10 times the population
  5. Also one more thing. Are we just going to pretend that the first Origin game in Adelaide wasn’t a complete borefest? So I’m guessing by the logic I’ve seen here, the potential new audience in Adelaide and South Australia will have become even greater AFL fans after seeing that dross served up. Or did it work differently then? Give me a break. I’m tired of Aussies holding the game back. And the ones on this forum justify their insularity by contracting themselves. Everyone can see internationals are the way to go.
  6. I have no idea why (presumably) Aussies on here are referring to the quality of the Australia vs Argentina RU match. Regardless of how it played out, it doesn’t negate the fact that the international level has generated interest and attracted the casuals. I hardly watch the sport and yet the buzz generated by Argentina beating New Zealand managed to make headlines around the world, which is how I know about it. So in saying that, insular Aussies are certainly holding RL back. Believe it or not but not a lot of people outside of Australia are going to care if the Gold Coast Titans win the
  7. ZzzzZzz another boring insular Australian perspective. Last time I checked the NRL wasn’t getting any bigger. The club game is not going to grow the sport
  8. I personally don’t see what the fuss is about with Origin. It’s an overhyped series between two Australian states that most people can’t even point on a map. Nonetheless I usually watch it each year but this year I just couldn’t watch it. It was a borefest
  9. It’s because AFL and NRL are the premier competitions of their respective sports, whereas the A League is not even in the top 10 of football. This is a huge factor in the greater scheme of things. For one, the Aussie psyche is to be the best, similarly to Americans. So when they realise they aren’t, they don’t concern themselves with a particular something in which they can’t claim to be or have the best. This is why there are probably more Premier League fans in Australia than A League fans. It’s also for this very reason that AFL and NRL have enjoyed the success they do in Australia. Austral
  10. Honest question, what’s skills do second rowers or props need that’s not in union?
  11. It’s delusion to claim 7s is the only good thing union can offer. Last time I checked, it had a stable but expanding international level. How is that not a good thing?
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