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  1. I more so mean, if your a fullback, say for instance Jack Walker or Zack Hardaker and want to play full back in the nrl it wouldn't be wise to sign with the Roosters (Tedesco) unless your happy to play reserve grade for little money. You would have to sign for a team that specifically has a need at fullback. Titans, Panthers and tigers are the only teams that come to mind. The William's situation is interesting as when Canberra decided to part ways with Sezier they weren't a grand final team. William's signing was announced in early July so the decision to move on from Sezier would of been made prior to 2019 season when Canberra were not even predicted to make the top 8. Just an assumption, but if Canberra new how the season would pan out and the contribution Sezer would make they may have had second thoughts on signing Williams.
  2. Tupouniua would get into every SL team. Yes - Zeb Tai had a good game while Tupouniua dropped a lot of ball in his first hit of the year in conditions hes probably never played in. Your judging a one off game. Poorer players get on top of better players week in week out. When PNG beat GB 3 months ago their halfback Watson Boas (plays for Doncaster in league 1) played better that both Jackson Hastings and Gareth Widdop. Is he better than Hastings and Wippop? According to your theory he must be! Wakefield beat Warrington the other week. Are Wakefield better than Warrington?
  3. He had one poor game! Hes a young kid. Judge him after a full season
  4. Don't underestimate how big home field advantage is. Having the game in England is a massive leveler. We've seen this in the recent GB tour just how much tougher it is travelling to the other side of the world especially for a one off game.
  5. I'm of the belief that the top 20 best english super league players could all make it in the nrl. And by make it, I mean make starting, full strength match day 17's assuming they were randomly scattered throughout the 16 teams. Only exception would be spine players (1,6,7,9) as they would have to go to specific teams with a need. Then even the next group of players from 20 - 40 could all make squad's and still play throughout the year. Just maybe not if the team is at full strength. Ryan Sutton fits into this category at Canberra.
  6. I don't think many Roosters fans would even know this game is being played let alone the significance of it. If you ask any of the Roosters players/staff what they would prefer to win - WCC or their opening nrl round 1 fixture....I think we all know the answer. But I can't wait for the game.
  7. The Saints pack can complete in the front row but the second row is dreadful in comparison to any NRL team. Zeb Tai, Dom Perouqe and Louis McCarthy-Scarsbrook would get no where near the worst NRL team. Let alone the Roosters.
  8. Your right. If it is a super league side, would their international players in the England squad play? I doubt it as the first test is a week later. Therefore it would a training run. If it was Saints let's say, that would mean Thompson, Walsmy, Lomax, Makinson, Percival, Knowles, Roby, Lees all potentially not playing.
  9. And Toronto would be a 'something' game? Realistically, the Kangaroos would destroy any SL club side by minimum 50+. This isn't the 70's and 80's where our club sides would compete and occasionally win. The games moved on a bit. I like the England Knights for some reason.
  10. Fyi - Burgess is a freak and one my favourite players. I only made the nrl comparison as it's a larger body of work and they both play in it. As I mentioned, it took Burgess 2 to 3 years to really start to dominating. He made his first 'Dally M' team of the year in 2014 (Lock of the tear) at 25 years of age in his 4th nrl season. Payne Haas made the Dally M team of the year in 2019 (prop of the year). As a 19 year old. Both amazing players.
  11. I put Haas above Burgess at that age. It's easy to say 'Burgess destroyed Moi Moi when he was 18 so hes better'. Haas's first full nrl season was much better than Burgess's. And Burgess was 21 years old in his first year. People forget that it took Burgess a couple of season until he really started to dominate. Playing 80 minutes some games at 130kgs as an 18/19 year old kid is insane. Just my opinion.
  12. Agreed. In the history of rugby league I don't think there's ever been a better 19 year old prop and second row foward like these two. Imagine when there 24!
  13. There not great in comparison to Thurston, Cronk, Lockyer, John etc. But these are arguably top 5 at their position in the history of rugby league. However, agree with what your saying.
  14. Not as good as the 2013 world cup team but what they have is some supreme athletes. Guys like David Fafita, Payne Haas, Latrell Mitchell, Kalyn Ponga have the ability to be generational players. We say the halves aren't what they were yet we have Blake Austin and Jackson Hastings who were never even close to making NSW. Let alone Australia. Munster, Keary etc would all walk the Man of Steel award over here. Let mot under estimate.
  15. I agree with this. We don't play enough games to 'blood' kids with potential. Just pick the best team. The Aussies haven't 'blooded' Payne Haas, Latrell Mitchell, Kalyn Ponga etc They've just picked the best 17 and they all happen to be in it regardless of what their birth certificate says.
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