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  1. Well done to Workington, a hard place to go to, so a very good win. The rest were non surpring wins although Barrow looked shaky at times by all accounts.
  2. It is very quiet on here, I'd expected it to be thronging with comments after 14 months out of the game?
  3. Also to answer your other question about Championship friendlies yes they did.
  4. What point are you trying to make here? Surely if the Championship is allowed to start at a certain date then it is also safe for League 1 to begin friendlies before their much shorter season which doesn't begin until over a month later? It has nothing to do with COVID safe, their season begins late because it has only 18 fixtures.
  5. Great result for you yesterday, this should kick-start your season. Well done.
  6. Why not? Both the Championship and League 1 were given the green light to play again after Both being closed down together last season.
  7. I don't think they mention friendlies in any league do they?
  8. Barrow by 26? Not a chance. It will be close Hunslet May even win on home advantage.
  9. I am aware of that, just pointing out you need to get points off the lower clubs or you might not be here after this year.
  10. You need to be taking points off the relegation favourites first.
  11. Enjoyed the Cumbrian derby game, a good hit out friendly from both clubs concidering all the interchanges. Workington had a good dig in the second half and had a chance to win the game . Barrow looked stronger most of the game and with their Captain Dalimore at Standoff and both Walne Brothers to come into the starting 13 they will be much stronger for the start of the league.
  12. You must be doing something wrong, bought mine no problem yesterday.
  13. Looking at that squad, only 3 centres and only 1 is experienced, that's probably a solution
  14. I said many weeks ago that there will be no rugby in 2021 for champ and L1. This is going to devastate clubs, fans and also the players mental health . The truth is RFL have no money to handle this unprecedented situation. I fear the writing is on the wall for the poor man of UK sport. Very sad times indeed.
  15. Decent squad you lot have put together
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