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  1. Isn't Blake switching codes? It was in an article earlier in the year that his young kids live in Perth and he didn't want to leave Oz?
  2. Almost a carbon copy of their last meeting. Warrington won the second half in that one so the Saints need that early try again to settle the the game down and put real pressure back on the wolves. Errors on both sides are fairly high.
  3. Welsby got away with that one But Saints look like they will finally score soon .
  4. This could go either way just like the last meeting . Saints will need to hold that tight defense they have. Saints by 1 score.
  5. That could make sense yes. Where will Jack Welsby be moving to if not at fullback.
  6. Nail biting stuff at the bottom of the table, Barrow already safe but pleased Whitehaven held on by thier fingertips at the expense of Keighley, it was back and forth up and down for 40 mins right to the end and London just doing enough to help the Cumbrians survive and guarantee another season of Cumbrian derby days.
  7. I wonder why they would keep Bennison and buy out Ritsons contract to sign him then sign another winger? Unless it's a quick centre/winger?
  8. Leopards by 18. Wakey needed a boost last week, they probably know it's gone now.
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