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  1. I think out of the 4 Clubs Dewsbury will survive, they have at least 3 wins left in them and you feel they are slowly improving in this first half of the season, it's probably between London and Whitehaven who will also survive, removing a coach generally has a reaction on the pitch. So a big game coming up for the bottom 2 clubs. If Workington lose at home then you'd think it is too much from there on.
  2. Not a surprise sacking with only 1 win and a draw in 12 games. If they want to avoid the drop then now is the time to change it around with half of the season left and fresh ideas, John kear maybe?
  3. Not a surprise sacking with only 1 win and a draw in 12 games. If they want to avoid the drop then now is the time to change it around with half of the season left and fresh ideas, John kear maybe?
  4. Leigh will rest as many of their first choice stars as possible this week as they will be looking to win the Cup Final against Featherstone next Saturday with a day shorter turnaround.
  5. All home wins except for Dewsbury and York. I think Barrow may get the win with Sammut returning and Halifax to just clinch a tight game too. It would be a huge win for Dewsbury if they do prevail, putting them on 6 pts with Whitehaven and cutting off Workington who face a long day at Leigh.
  6. Almost 2,500 is diassapointing? Do explain.
  7. Got that one right. The table is taking its expected shape now except maybe for the 6th position which Barrow hold, its going to be an interesting several weeks to see who will grab that 6th position and hang on to it, probably Sheffield if you are a betting person. I think it's very unlikely Workington will avoid the drop now, it's just a matter of who goes down with them, London, Dewsbury or Whitehaven.
  8. All home wins except for Dewsbury and Bradford. Massive Cumbria Derby, a win for Barrow would probably mean they are going to be OK and avoid the relegation battle and a win for Workington will close the gap on Dewsbury and London, a loss however will see their survival chances take a big hit.
  9. You just named 6 and someone named another and isn't the Prop Scholey still at Workington? I make that 7 and do not forget you need fringe players not just the best 17
  10. 40 pt win, didn't always have their own way but inevitable result, too big, to fast, too strong and experienced for every team in the championship only Leigh wil get close.
  11. There's a massive difference between part time injury depleted Barrow and a full strength star studded Featherstone than there is between Wigan and Saints mate. Wigan have been flying lately too. But again shocks can happen in cup games.
  12. Can't see anything other than a 30 point win for Featherstone, too big too fast too strong and experienced, they have the team their money has paid hansomely for. But there again its a one off semi final at home and I could be proven wrong and it could be a tighter game.
  13. If relagated then yes the contracts are null and void, but most players in the squad will be only L1 standard anyway, of the 7 to 10 that could be Championship level the travelling ones will leave but locals with long term good paying jobs will either stay or be tempted to move to a close by club for a higher paying offer, especially if the neighbouring club stays in the Championship.
  14. Some sloppy play at times by Barrow, you won't get away with it against a team like York
  15. I thought I'd put it on cricket results by mistake. Some shocking scorlines today.
  16. Great effort from Workington, only a spilled ball over the line in the last play of the game denied them their first point of the season.
  17. I'm not a Barrow supporter just interested in all 3 Cumbria clubs in this tough league this year and wish Al 3 of the the best of luck.
  18. Any teams forwards will struggle against fev, in fact most have done, they won't lose a game unless its to Liegh, easy to do with a million quid to spend and in the perfect location mate.
  19. I see he is in the 21 squad, he also says on a video thet he is fine and no worries about playing. How do you know he was in so much pain? The kneck brace was pure wise precaution but nothing said about being in so much pain? Or is it because your friends team think they have a better chance if he wasn't playing. The friend you say is playing and would target a neck twist? Anyway, if he does actually play and is cleared by hospital and doctors then that decision is his own if he feels fine. I'm sure the Club would not let him play if there were any underlying effects or damage or he didn't feel he was fit enough.
  20. I maybe wrong but if an hospital examines someone and finds no neck damage and let's you walk out the same evening then there is likely to be no neck or spinal damage? Which means though maybe not needed the precautionary methods were just that, wise precautionary methods?
  21. Dewsbury 24-18 Workington Halifax 22-28 Barrow Leigh 46-16 London Widnes 18-30 Batley York 36-22 Whitehaven
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