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  1. Toulouse have been ahead in a few games well into the second half, and their record should be better. I feel that they will have recharged after a week off and win this. They're not one of those bottom sides who've been hammered in nearly every game e.g. .........
  2. Any news on the attendance please, can't see anything in the attendance thread. Thanks in advance
  3. Can't you? When Toulouse should of beaten Wigan you find it impossible to see them beating Wakefield? Really?
  4. Surely the only important thing to do here is ask ourselves "how does the number of players that are French playing in super league now compare with twenty years ago" and look at the very positive trend for the wider game.
  5. Maybe he's anti expansion but knows that he can't just come out and say it?
  6. To all. I am not a lifelong follower of League, watched the odd game in my childhood on Wales but have started following and watching regularly in the last ten or so years. If it is accepted on this forum that the term "rugby" means only league then please accept my apologies because I honestly was not aware of this. Let me also reiterate what I posted above - I support improved crowd levels across the board, and also feel that successful expansion is vital. Have a good weekend all.
  7. You, not I, made it cross code by talking about the "biggest rugby club" instead of the "biggest rugby league club in Britain". Or do you think that rugby union isn't rugby? Again, not looking for an argument just looking for plain talking. Fact is that I would welcome great crowds at your ground and want to see progress across the board with attendances at League matches, particularly in the high population areasv with greater potential.
  8. Yes and therefore fall under the bracket of "rugby" club, the term that you used in your statement
  9. Do attendances count as a metric? Just asking, not looking for an argument https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/leicester-tigers-top-attendance-tables-1570510.amp&ved=2ahUKEwjUjqDh24v2AhUJHcAKHZnKDpcQFnoECCwQAQ&usg=AOvVaw10sW4jQkVyH2gYyt7mZ2np
  10. Are you confident that Leigh will get 9000 fans in to watch the semi final of the championship play offs this season like Toulouse did if the weather is nice? Frankly, my point carries weight
  11. Will any Leigh posters who mocked Toulouse attendance please stand up lol, I saw the posts. Though to be fair it was only some individuals that were trying to be negative about the foreigners, other Leigh fans were supportive
  12. Looking like "super" league remains pretty narrow in its scope and can look forward to more regress next season, shame
  13. Yes I thought that after I'd posted. I always thought though that having no home games for such a long stretch from the beginning was a massive disadvantage for Toronto, no chance to gain momentum from a home crowd.
  14. This team absolutely walked the championship with ease, unlike others in recent times. Interesting to see how they get on in SL - underestimated I think despite the cruel loss of key players
  15. You're correct, their regular season attendances not so long ago were under a couple of thousand most games. I respectfully maintain though that to drop from 9k second tier for the semi final as well as the final of the second tier to less than half that for their first ever game in super League would be surprising and disappointing, unless the weather is awful or something. We will soon see and I hope that I am right for the good of game, but maybe I will prove to be incorrect. Fingers crossed!
  16. True, but that still leaves many thousands who do. Twick has hosted many double header club matches over the years with sellout crowds over 80,000, so on a different planet to RL interest levels sadly.
  17. I think after that after their last attendance was about 9000, to get less than half of that for their first ever SL game would be a huge disappointment, don't you? I expect much higher than 4k
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