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  1. Definitely more to come from him and I’m sure the Samoan coach will be sounding him out. id also be having a word with Joseph suaalii, Tommy Talau, Stephen Crichton and Shawn blore.
  2. All joking aside he’s just the latest seriously talented NRL youngster who has Tongan heritage. Tonga could field an incredible team at the World Cup.
  3. I like your ambition but I’d look at holding the final at Montpelier HSC ground which has a capacity of 33k. It also has history of hosting RL games. Id also use PSG’s parc des princes for the opener.
  4. Big name for a big young talent whose got a big future. Lets hope we get to see him playing for Tonga in the World Cup this autumn.
  5. Is there absolutely no chance of getting the people who financed the Manchester rangers back involved and the RFL giving them the Ottawa license?
  6. If that’s the case why not give 10-15k away to the under 18’s and hope for a similar amount of paying customers in a 30-40k stadium?
  7. True. As always everything unfortunately comes down to money and more importantly if you have any. That being said France hosting an event like the World Cup is one way of sounding out such investment.
  8. Majority of games held in occitanie and Provence-alpes-cote d’Azur with a few games held elsewhere under the proviso that it leaves a legacy.
  9. Couldn’t a 2025 RLWC game in Roanne or any other French city or town for that matter be used to reignite or kickstart interest of RL in these towns&cities?
  10. Not to mention a non-RL city hundreds of miles away from the French RL “heartlands.”
  11. For The same reason taking a 2021 RLWC game to Norwich or Portsmouth would be.
  12. All those are valid points but to play Devil’s advocate what would be better for RL in France if you had a 18k capacity stadium 100% full or a 60k capacity stadium 50% full?
  13. Exactly like this. Fantastic stuff. Looks like the Manchester rangers are still alive albeit off the pitch with their foundation work.
  14. Swinton really need to bite the bullet and move to Manchester lock, stock and barrel.
  15. People on the ground in different locations putting down foundations.
  16. Rugby union must have been the game of choice for the apartheid government.
  17. This to me would be stating the obvious and a no-brainer but unfortunately we are talking about the RFL here.
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