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  1. Hate to be pedantic but it’s Colombia Dont know why but I always liked Colombia since the italia 90.
  2. At one time I would have agreed with you but for me there’s bigger fish to fry out there.
  3. Not only would I not accept a ticket but I wouldn’t want to be on the same continent!!!
  4. Absolutely!!! Like I said an instant rivalry in which RL could be built around On a serious note though RL and these fixtures could be used to replace war and tension like between rival tribes in PNG.
  5. Could you imagine the rivalry between Russia and Ukraine or Serbia and Kosovo? Would make the “Ashes” rivalry look like a village fete.
  6. Indeed. Like Argentina RL in Japan would always be behind the 8ball unfortunately.
  7. That’s the kind of backing that RL would need to really breakthrough in countries like Italy, Germany and the Netherlands etc.
  8. When I first saw the story on nrl.com I thought they were talking about a Sydney based team permanently re-locating to Queensland.
  9. This may not be politically correct to say but I don’t really do political correctness or identity politics but Slavic countries still place a high emphasis on strength and alpha male tendencies in society and there’s no better way to show this off than through sports like boxing, MMA and wrestling etc. RL and Slavic culture you’d imagine would fit hand in glove.
  10. I agree. Makes you wonder why rugby union never really targeted Germany like they did with Italy?
  11. Central and South America has so much potential and is a huge untapped market.
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