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  1. I remember seeing an advert in the 90’s which had a GB RL poster on a kid’s bedroom wall. Think the advert was for either fairy liquid or Daz washing powder?
  2. Central America also. The Latin heat guys and the other ex-pats are real unsung heroes.
  3. Would be interesting to get the backstory on how Jake “the snake” roberts ended wearing that.
  4. Haha!! I had forgotten about that poster in the cafe on only fools and horses.
  5. Fantastic. I know brazil recently played the Philippines in Sydney but I’m guessing those teams were mostly heritage players?
  6. Which countries would you:- A. Like to see playing RL B. Are a perfect/natural fit for playing RL I’m ruling out the obvious and easiest choice which would be the USA with its incredible economic might, cultural influence, huge population and long history of producing some of the greatest athletes/sportsmen that ever played sports only because it’s a lazy choice and unfortunately highly unrealistic unless you have billions of dollars to invest and some celebrity pulling power like football(soccer). My choice/choices would be Cuba and brazil. Cuba has a decent sized population of over 11 million people and it also has an amazing sporting culture and history most notably with boxing and the Olympics. It’s also a country in which a small amount of investment has the potential to go far compared to a rich industrialized western country. Brazil has incredible potential imo for RL as again it has an incredible sporting culture and history and is the region’s economic powerhouse with a huge population and although it’s a huge country in terms of landmass it has large populated cities which could be targeted with investment which again goes further than North America and Europe.
  7. Doesn’t matter if he’s too small or not or good enough for union as they seem to sign and target league players just to f#ck with the game.
  8. Talk about a left field appointment.didn’t see that one coming but good luck to both parties.
  9. Is someone or some group promising to bankroll the sharks?
  10. Having a league presence in Montpellier also allows the game to creep even further towards France’s 2nd city Marseille.
  11. Am I right in thinking that both wigan and St. Helens are linked with Cornwall and Devon?
  12. Do you know how much he’s getting paid at Southport tigers?
  13. How much is Izzy getting paid to turn out for Southport tigers? You can bet your bottom dollar that had Japans top league been in season he wouldn’t have played a game for Southport tigers.
  14. He’s only playing because the domestic league season in Japan has finished. you can’t expect the slave to mammon to go without earning any money until the new top league season starts.
  15. I’d throw in a u21’s game as well.
  16. Former parramatta eels player Ernie wanka would have something to say about that.
  17. Great to here but alas too little too late as we are suing for peace with RU
  18. The NARL was/is the proposed rebel competition?
  19. It would appear that The native population feel no affiliation to the Indonesian government and flag and will never do so. Makes you wonder if there’s any large deposits of minerals or oil&gas reserves in the western half of new guinea for the Indonesian government to persist in suppressing and ruling over the native population?
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