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  1. Aren’t you guys longing to become part of Lancashire again according to another thread??
  2. I don’t doubt any of that marra. It’s a behemoth that’s slowly killing international RL unfortunately.
  3. Make state of Origin an annual one game affair and bring back the 3 test trans-Tasman series.
  4. Haha!! We’re like the kumuls of the U.K. passionate about the game but lacking in structure.
  5. In terms of this and this alone. No standalone teams in the top flight either.
  6. Not many people will like this but west Cumbria should just be a breeding ground for super clubs in terms of playing talent.
  7. Hello marra, don’t really have a team to be honest. I was born in whitehaven and used to follow them as a kid but I generally just want to see all teams to do well both on and off the pitch. Have a soft spot for St. Helens too.
  8. Playing for the dragons or should that be not playing for the dragons is a backwards step imo for any young French RL player. better to back yourself like Theo fages and sign for an English super league side or even championship side.
  9. Can’t honestly see a merged Cumbrian team happening. That ship has long since sailed.
  10. Cheers marra. Feel a bit like the new kid at school. lol
  11. Hi all. Not sure if this is the norm but I Thought I’d introduce myself to the forum lol. Fan of RL for nearly 30 years and longtime lurker of the forum. very interesting time to join in terms of lots of topics to discuss especially the current state of our game both here and overseas. hope I haven’t bored you all with my opening post. lol!!
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