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  1. Just in case any body is interested , starting from today ( 1.25pm) Forces TV are showing some classic Doctor Who , todays story is the first 2 episodes of Spearhead From Space , which will be repeated in the evening , the following story will be The Daemons . Their plan is to show around 10 stories spanning from 1970 to the late 1980s .
  2. Yes , they both seem certain to go up , the only thing that could stop Wigan challenging for top spot is fixture congestion , well , we could see how they handle this , this week , they play Crewe tonight before travelling to Rotherham on Friday .
  3. Another win for Rotherham today , I think we can now start asking the question , will they avoid relegation from the championship next season ?
  4. The top teams in Super League are hardly Man City, Liverpool , Man United and Chelsea , More like Barnsley , Luton and Millwall . Anyway , if Dover or Ossett , by some miracle , did reach the Premier League , it would be seen by the media as a genuine good news story , not just in the UK but around the world .
  5. Yes I saw her win the other night , then immediately went on you tube to watch the 2006 race again , its still absolutely incredible to watch .
  6. A decent point for Leeds in a dour draw at Villa .
  7. I used to suffer from this , I would suddenly wake up in the night , feeling very scared , with a strong sense of paranoia , there was a feeling that something was in the room with you , just outside of your peripheral vision , you would desperately try to turn round to see what it was , but you couldn't move , you would struggle . for what seem ages , trying to turn round , then you would fully wake up . I never thought I was being abducted by aliens though , I just thought I was sleeping with my eyes open , I didn't realise what it was until I saw a TV programme about it .
  8. According to some , alien space crafts are wizzing through the skies all the time , but I haven't seen anything that hasn't turned out to be a plane , helicopter or chinese lantern , what I cant get my head around is , with all the advanced technology a spaceship must have , to travel vast distances across space , to earth , only to crash at Roswell .
  9. A good win for Leeds today , 3 - 2 at West Ham , despite losing 2 more players after 20 minutes . Another big game coming up next week at home to Newcastle , considering the injury situation , a draw wouldn't be a bad result .
  10. The Doctor , the Tardis and Aliens seemed to work very well between 1963 and 1989 , but if they'd have kept the same format when the show was rebooted in 2005 , then the show probably wouldn't have lasted more than 1 series , I think one of the things that made the show a success was the emotional impact of the companions , whether it was Rose in Doomsday , Donna in Stolen Earth , the Ponds exit in Angels take Manhattan , Clara in Face the Raven/Heaven Sent/Hell Bent or Bill in World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls .
  11. The Sea Devils have been rumoured to be returning since the show was rebooted , apparently , Moffat wanted to do a Sea Devil v Silurian war episode but he didn't have enough budget left .
  12. The thing is , with Newcastle being in a relegation dog fight , it will be even harder for Newcastle to attract players , they may have to sign players with the short term aim of just surviving relegation rather than as part of some long term plan . Looking from a Leeds United perspective , after about 8 weeks of the season , I thought it might take 40 pts to keep you up , now I think 35 may be enough , possibly 33 .
  13. There's no doubt that Dyche has done a great job at Burnley , but there is a stigma attatched to him and his style of play , I feel there would be an uproar amongst Everton fans if Dyche were to become manager .
  14. I watched this for the first time last week , somebody posted a short clip on twitter and pointed out that it was on film four later that evening , so I gave it a watch and quite enjoyed it .
  15. Quite a few people have mentioned that there are too many threads running through this story , personally , I don't mind it . I find a lot of the new characters engaging If you think the Weeping Angels are over used , what do you think of the Daleks and Cybermen . This is only the 4th story that the WA are the main villain and the first one not written by Steven Moffat and while I admit that Blink was an iconic story and will take some topping , I've thoroughly enjoyed the other 3 . As I said earlier , I've found most of the new characters engaging and Swarm and Azure are no exception I think series 12 was a big step up from series 11 and Series 13 is a step up from series 12 Good point about the ship looking out of its time period , it never dawned on me , although I did think they navigated the globe rather quickly , from South America to the Himalayas to Liverpool . In case you haven't noticed , I am enjoying this series , will you be watching the final instalment ?
  16. Its been great so far , personally , I couldn't pick a favourite episode , with the exception of Once , Upon Time(which was a tad confusing , but not that bad) they've all been great . I must admit when I first saw the series trailer , I thought , doesn't that humanoid dog creature look a bit naff , but hasn't Karvanista been great , hasn't Swarm and Azure been great , in fact all the new characters have been really interesting , wasn't Craig Parkinson good last night , wasn't Jemma Redgrave good , wasn't their interaction great , I hope Osgood returns next week . Talking of UNIT , remember after the new years special , Resolution aired , how fans were up in arms because Chibnall had dismantled UNIT , well now we know why .
  17. Had a beautiful male Sparrowhawk in the the garden last week , it had caught a sparrow and was able to watch it for about 20 minutes , while it ate it . We get them in the garden quite frequently , earlier this year I saw one sat on the lawn , it had something in its claws , a closer inspection told me it was a Blackbird and it was still alive , the Hawk was plucking feathers from its back , the Blackbird didn't try to struggle , it looked in shock , then with the Blackbirds pink flesh exposed , the hawk tore at its flesh , hence , the Blackbird started to struggle for its life , but it was too late , I had to look away because it was too distressing .
  18. World Cup play offs ! Italy or Portugal will miss out , possible Wales v Scotland Play off final, that will be interesting after 1978 and 1986 .
  19. By the sound of things , the board are discussing his severence pay .
  20. Just under 13000 for Notts County v Solihull Moors .
  21. As I said earlier , I thought the trailer was epic , though I did think the dog character looked a bit naff , but on watching the episode , Karvanista grew on me and I think he's going to be a great character , I thought Dan was great , a lot of the new characters look really interesting , It looks like Yaz is really going to shine this series and the episode built up to a really exciting cliff hanger , and there's so many questions I want answered .
  22. If you think its garbage , then that's your prerogative , but what was woke about this episode ? was it because there was a disabled woman in it? or was it because somebody was working in a food bank ? I'm just curious .
  23. Didn't Clydebank get into the Scottish Prem a couple of times in the 1980s ?
  24. It will be interesting to see what the crowd is when Notts County play Chesterfield towards the end of the season , particularly if both are fighting for promotion .
  25. Its great , the Hollywood take over has certainly flicked a switch and sparked fresh enthusiasm into the club .Also , Chesterfield , Grimsby and Notts County are getting very good gates as well .
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