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  1. What about the opening group game against Portugal , we scored 2 goals in the opening 10 minutes , then never touched the ball for the rest of the game '
  2. Don't mention Euro 2000 , I still get flash backs about Phil Neville's last minute tackle against Romania .
  3. Was it just me or did Pepe lead with his elbow , the incident where he got a yellow card .
  4. Belgium v Portugal Next . I think Belgium could well be the Caroline Wozniacki of the football world .
  5. In thirty years time , Scotland fans will be singing about their famous draw at Wembley and about how they put 2 of our players into self isolation.
  6. All I'm saying is , I'd save him for the K/O stage .
  7. I Doubt that Grealish is fully fit , he's training with his thigh heavily strapped , he sat out a training session last week and the last friendly he played he was subbed and had an ice pack on his thigh . I think the best for him is to have him on the bench , only bring him on if we have to , then hope he's in better shape for the knock out round .
  8. I remember Greece getting trounced by a very good Nigeria team in 1994 , after scoring , one of the Nigerian players got down on all fours , crawled to the corner flag , cocked his leg up and pretended to urinate like a dog , it was in response to a pre-tournament insult by the Greek coach .
  9. Arnautovic plays for a Chinese club , who tend to play silly money for average players , so it could be true .
  10. We had a pair of Linnets in the garden about 2 weeks back , the first time I've seen them in the garden in years, the female came back yesterday .
  11. A good season no matter what the outcome .
  12. If its true that this is Jodie's last season , it wouldn't surprise me if Chibnill had planned to do a secret regeneration , so nobody knew that Jodie was leaving until she regenerated into a new doctor on TV , if that's what was planned , then he will be absolutely fuming at the leak of her departure. As for the new doctor , it wouldn't surprise me if it was the Ruth doctor as played by Jo Martin , personally , I wouldn't mind that .
  13. Here's my take on the festive special , overall I found it an enjoyable episode , better than a lot of the festive specials , loved the design of the reconnaissance dalek and the overall plot . One slight drawback for me , was the exit of Graham and Ryan , I thought they spent too much time on it and it didn't impact on me as much as say , Rose , Donna , the Ponds , Clara or Bill . One final note , if you thought The Doctor was upset at Graham and Ryan leaving , wait till you see her when Yaz gets killed at the end of the upcoming series , its gonna happen .
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