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  1. It was a fixture most Leythers picked out in Feb, now it doesn’t matter after last weekend. Following will be massively affected, may even be less than Wigan bring to ours - which was about 2300.
  2. What action was taken then? I have seen folk sacked for less, or a compromise reached on lower than contract terms for a sharp exit and a brush under.
  3. Forgive me but didnt he do something very stupid that could have led to dismissal if the will was there ?
  4. PRP involves a low basic and huge incentives to succeed, by doing so the parent gains far more than the individual. Sacking means that ie bye bye no sweet heart pay off to go quietly. Should you mutually agree closure then the basic is low so the payment is low with PRP. People with complete confidence in their ability to overachieve prefer the accelerated rewards of PRP as they back themselves, plodders and non achievers prefer the higher basic
  5. Nobody who gets 'sacked' should get any payment, payments are made for fixed term contracts finishing early or whereby there is not enough to sack them and mutual agreement is reached. IMO the RFL had enough to sack him but didnt want to - hence the severance pay or notice pay.
  6. Neither do I and it is currently a fair tackle, but that shouldnt stop all things being reviewed in the correct manner at the correct time when some people have raised possible issues. This is the bit that so many people, mainly Saints fans driven by their coaches outburst, do not accept and keep repeating the same speach and causing issues that will lead to a major problem if not sorted.
  7. You still don’t get it, he did nothing wrong as it currently stands by all means debate if it should be changed but that’s for others at a later date
  8. Nobody is disputing that technique should always be under the microscope, but today there is nothing banned about the tackling. Saints and others are great at slowing down, throwing limbs into the attacker to do so, Saints do a lot of shoulder charges, Saints and Wigan have a lot of head contact after the momentum has been stopped - all these things need sorting.
  9. Turkeys carry on voting for Christmas - PRP is the only way
  10. imo sales will slow down this coming week - leaving the cheaper seats available - this is what you market to RL clubs within a 50mile radius, even if that deal is allowing them to keep all the revenue to aid there growth either financial or awareness. Take a section or four not on sale and give it away with caveats - could Skolars market 2000 free seats to North London locals, Could Broncos do 5000? Schools and amateur clubs 2000 more - the media see a 78000 gate and wow the CCF is an event again
  11. Wigan will be smarting after Sunday and Leigh battered and bruised. Leutele out for season and O Donnell another game on suspension. Wigan will expose our left defence with pace and win by 2 scores.
  12. Took it down a bit as I didn’t realise how big the top tier is, my guess is that there is about 1000 left on bottom and middle tiers. We will end up with 15000 or so, about 60 coaches have already been filled maybe more and it’s monthly pay day for many this week. The old problem of holiday season will have an effect but the stories of families coming back is always heartwarming with New Zealand and China being the outlying so far, seems to be loads of Leythers in Canada?
  13. Looking at the ticket sales I think it will be north of 65000
  14. Was thinking about how these Saints players were deliberately trying to injure the Leigh player, who is still and controlled by 2 saints lads when his leg is savagely and deliberately targetted - then I thought why lower yourself. Then I thought would Sky news allow me the platform to make this a hanging offence for all 3, naaah.
  15. That is done when a foul has taken place, you seem to be missing this key area - I have seen many a player pull an hamstring or roll an ankle with nobody else in sight, should that be taken into account also? This witch hunt must stop and Wellens needs to apologise just as publicly
  16. My fear is every person who I hold in very low esteem from both towns will be up for a scrap because of the overkill of a failing coach
  17. and when you look at when the impact was made do you feel its wrong
  18. Hope that is the case Matt and I have been told duff info. So based on that what do you expect the 2 teams to get with say a £3m ticket income?
  19. It’s funny “as” in Leyth today, pubs put it out they are thinking of running a coach if enough interest and an hour later are explaining they are on coach 3. Derek’s been on TV trying to cut a deal with Burnham and sponsors to put on free coaches for those financially struggling and a bloke has offered to pay for 30 kids tickets as Derek has helped his charities in the past. can’t wait for tomorrow.
  20. You cannot get 2 tickets together in any of the lower and middle tickets allocated to Leigh. Loads on RFL site yet folk are walking away from the ticket office and online because they can’t sit together - buying from RFL hopefully but costing the club every time they do so. Flip eck release some more blocks and KR will have the same issues soon
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