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  1. Sneyd is nearly 32!! Are we really that bad for halves when Lomax is out? I have a feeling we will run with Williams and Welsby in the big games
  2. You will ###### off some of your customers by favouring those who will never be, and btw the North sold out yesterday not has a few left
  3. About 30 single tickets left across the West stand, seating, and the standing section behind the sticks completely sold out, only east stand on sale for Leigh fans, with all 20 boxes and 250 seat premier club sold out
  4. Surely this brings the sport into disrepute and results in summary dismissal and loss of any pay off etc
  5. Tickets must be flying out at LSV - we have had to open the 4th stand (East stand) which was last opened in 2017 for us.
  6. You can’t knock the accuracy of some Fev fans predictions, straight after the 1895 they predicted that Leigh wouldn’t beat Fev in the MPG
  7. Good old RL fan mentality, discount eventsPrices have gone up which they should have but tickets selling well with 5000 or so already gone plus 19 boxes plus 200 diners in premier. At least Batley will make on the split this time and won’t face the shock of 1500 freebies in the gate Leigh win, good fight from Batley 6700+ crowd
  8. Leigh have never had a funded Cat 1 Academy . 70’s to 90’s we ran Decent colts teams
  9. Class A - Wire Saints Leeds. 1 Fit for purpose stadium with RL the primary tenant if not owner . Excellent floodlights, broadcasting and media facilities, toilets and catering to a high standard, on site and well lit parking 2. Financials - any losses to be covered by capitalising loans. 3. Must run and be awarded cat1 academies and reserves 4. Gates - min 60% capacity or 6500
  10. No they closed it due to no or poor competition as they were denied access to big boy league. Love how this thread was hijacked into a Leigh knockathon by the first few posts by the usual knownowts
  11. I was aware of his past, and wish he could just be more approachable in what is an entertainment business As a friend make sure he is ok
  12. Huddersfield came down into the championship 2002 after a great run in 2nd half of SL 2001 after TS settled in, kept FT when central funding was about £60k for the rest and drew gates of 1500 or so - so the pay roll was paid by Davy as he rightfully saw no future outside SL. Your income will have been massively below expenditure that year.
  13. In any industry once a manager loses his team then its nigh impossible to recover. I have met and spoke with BM on a few occasions, he is the most unlikable and confrontational coach I have ever met - maybe he needs to work on that side of his skill set
  14. His master plan was simple- get to the MPG, pray to all Gods in the run up and hope for Leigh to have a bad day at the office and get the run of the green all game.
  15. I would guess your playing budget is 3-4 x Batleys, it was rumoured to be well over £1m
  16. If Batley turn us over next week they will be in SL, with almost every player looking for a championship club to sign for- that’s the reality of running PT in the Champ
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