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  1. My understanding is Derek is funding the shirt, ALL sales not profit to go to the charity. His dad was a bit of a local showman who spent most of his life performing as a Rod Stewart tribute act all over the country. The ability to have it personalised with a loved one lost or fighting the disease will be why it’s bought. I wish I was able to do this when I lost my dad
  2. The situation is the clubs who borrowed it must repay it, I know we didn’t take any at Leigh and still have a very good cash situation
  3. There’s plenty money in it when you consider the losses in RU but it suits some owners to keep it cheap and still win the pots. A significant cash injection is needed for growth not debt repayments at clubs, it may be time to truly franchise SL with a £multi million membership fee.
  4. £1m to a big city club like TO is pocket change
  5. Or the Moscow and LA olympics due to Russia/US pulling out of the others games
  6. Grab 26 lads out of strangeways and keep it authentic
  7. You missed my point, no sky money for the two french clubs in the expanded 14 team comp, they get tasked with funding themselves fully in times of austerity. £20m to the 12 SL clubs and the rest to RFL for distribution with CC deals etc
  8. SL will get £20m, Catalans and TO will need to sort out their own deal, leaving the other 12 to divi the rest up - all sorted.
  9. Help me out here - is this the same RU that needs folk from all over the world to put a Lions squad together??
  10. Leigh’s car park is packed with Bentleys Maserati’s and Range Rovers. House prices going through roof, Waitrose doing a roaring trade even better than the M&S food supermarket, waiting list at the Yacht Club,
  11. Very happy never to see those 2 back with us, now if we can get shut of Flower and Wallace we will have cleared out the unmotivated
  12. Already a two horse race, if we stay at 12 in SL next year will be another 2 horse race - only excitement will be the GF
  13. Lets put things into perspective Premiership clubs lost a staggering £88.7million in the two years before CVC buy-in (rugbypass.com) Then look at why owners are involved - when we get owners like that we drive them away.
  14. Obviously the member clubs voted to buy the lease and spend this money on making the pitch legal .......
  15. Union tends to follow the RFU licking Universities and Public Schools. The money available for coaches and teams at all universities I am aware of is massively RU focused, please anyone who knows any different let me know. 15M is a huge market, its bigger than NSW and Brisbane combined!!!! and would provide a great base to grow FROM once maximised
  16. There are 160, 000 US born folk living in London - guess where they take the NFL game to. There are about 70,000 Aussies/Kiwis living in London - it has been higher.
  17. It would need 10/12 cash cows to make it happen backed by a bumper TV deal. Clubs located geographically to be truly national and international. Newcastle Hull Leeds Cheshire/ Liverpool Manchester London x 2 Bristol Cardiff/ Swansea Leicester Toulouse and Paris has a nice mix to it. Would work if Soccer clubs took ownership of it as Sporting Club Liverpool etc we luddites would then be very happy with our own comp and governing body
  18. It’s not funny, that few hookers up Leyth the other week on match day I had to go sheep fettling with the Cumbrian lads
  19. T6 play off and 14 team SL, if not brave enough for 2 x 10. W1- 3v6 and 4v5, W2- 1v2(winner to GF) and winners of elimination games. W3 - loser of qualifier v winner of elimination, w4 GF. Bottom club relegated GF winner promoted with caveats ( min squad spend and stadium), Championship GF to be in August/first week September and played at Highest qualifiers home ground with 3/4000 tickets to away club.
  20. In life if you want or need something you worked harder to afford it. Nothing is impossible, in RL if it’s not given on a plate with minimum effort then it’s impossible
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