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  1. It is very clear that if we had a middle 8's neither of those clubs would have won promotion. This is a great opportunity to expand SL and strengthen France as a national team - it must not be missed
  2. And Football is proof we do, the Aussie mindset is very different to that of the Brit, and the major team sports here all have it - there is a reason why! A true sensible all game approach is required and that may need another split to achieve, we cannot throw money at clubs whose sole ambition is survival but we cannot cast them adrift and continue to ignore participation and amateur rl
  3. So disenfranchising a large number of clubs will encourage their fans to spend a fortune supporting franchised big events with a one sport ethos they are excluded from The game spends too much time listening to fools like Wilkin etc and not bonafide entrepreneurs who understand what building a business requires
  4. John if you believe what you have written above you are clueless as to the needs of non SL clubs and typical of so many feeding from the RFL trough who will do owt for a freebie Income is what’s needed after the drop in funding and Monday night games will generate less than a Sunday 3pm for any fixture, add in clubs may lose their best fixtures and it become madness, unless of course we are talking hundreds of thousands which it appears we are not. This is worse than the Stobart deal
  5. Local authority will be responsible should problems occur, they will change tune when faced with reality of some 7k gates
  6. Good on you John. I am cancelling Sky sports, not bothering with this carp and giving my club the extra £500 saved- I hope 1000 at every club do the same
  7. An era pre SL when fans watched their sport as well as their club, this and the Widnes v Canberra being prime examples
  8. 2019 Widnes v Leigh at the bash drew more than a very substantial number of SL games that year, circa 100k
  9. Please ask who chooses the fixture and will the fixtures be split evenly. Point one is that clubs will not want their best fixtures on Monday nights
  10. Leigh’s logic was good but circumstance went against them. The funding shortfall was a known and not an issue due to previous financial performance and the boards ability to fund it. The issue was lack of player availability in January, some players not wanting to play in SL and pre season injuries that decimated the squad, leaving us playing matches with only one middle in the 17 and a season without our starting 6. We are a capable SL but need to get through year 1
  11. The club tv channels are often better than Sky and certainly with a bit of tweaking could be the basis for a highlights programme in proper tv if growing the sport is the key, such an opportunity has far more value especially if viewing figures lead to play off interest
  12. What mainstream platform is that? It would be far better having one game a week on our league but the best would be a Northern terrestrial channel doing a highlights using club camera content for nothing
  13. Firstly Thank you Martyn. So each club will get about £10k pa, I personally hope mine says no ta and gives it back because they and it’s fans will lose out. I can see fans thinking “I won’t buy a season ticket as Mondays are impossible for me and the kids” WTF wants to sponsor a Monday night game and be bright as a button on Tuesday. If Leigh v Fev was moved to a Monday it would cost either club multiple times the £10k pa
  14. Tommy mi not so breet mucka the money went up to support the 8’s, helping the top of SL go FT and compete - 16 17 18 and 19 saw a champ club promoted and a SL one relegated. Ie it worked and I would guess the non SL fans paying sky subs paid more than they got back. This stinks of stupidity but I hope something has been left to announce that proves me wrong. A Champ highlights package on North BBC would be far better and fairly easy to do
  15. Last time Champ clubs got £60k central funding and £20k for hosting a premier game
  16. When the hangman is knocking at your door it will be cash thats needed and not so called friends who had docked your wages
  17. Question would be too challenging thus impacting freebies
  18. If I ran a champ club my first call to fans would be to not buy the subscription
  19. Survival is important and income to do so helps, reducing that income is a no no
  20. Ask Batley would they like Bradford at home Sunday or Monday with no fee for being on some 10 bit subscription channel just as their tv money is slaughtered
  21. I will not state the RFL are a complete disgrace until I know how many millions the deal is worth and the protection against the key fixtures being moved to a Monday. I will assume asking fans to pay an extra £150 pa has benefits tbc
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