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  1. Having been in attendance Wakey had a chance to roll at 10-0 but didn't, Leigh threw the ball about second half and got about even ball all game unlike most, it did mean more to Leigh today being at home. We are 6 players off being truly competitive in SL
  2. See the ref changed the course of a game with a shocking call again, and he had the option of the screen for the knock on. Much better spectacle, but close games with points always are, and we didnt have any massive possession periods for either team which also helps.
  3. It’s little wonder Sky are dropping the cash, we will be lucky to have a tv deal soon if that’s how the games premium fixtures are played out
  4. Shocking atmosphere, is it being played in a morgue? Have Leeds taken any fans
  5. Leeds are a poor championship side at best, the comp only has 2 decent sides
  6. What exactly have the Hearns achieved?? Darts was always National as were Snooker and Boxing, what regional minority sport have they been a success in?? Barrys NET wealth seems to be about £40m and Eddie similar - decent but not huge and nowhere near that the web has for Koukash for example. Give the sport to the good Doc and watch it flourish.
  7. Well can't believe that despite relegation we are still being caned by the most inexperienced ref - which we have somehow had all season - we are goosed and KR will run away with this, so that all can say how poor we are again.
  8. Leigh win - 2 games to go and we have a squad to select from for the first time. We wont get rolled down the middle and may have some second row strike at last, weak spot will be Sau's wing/centre area
  9. They have been replaced by a % decision on League position only with the season ending 11th September, Fev docked 6 points for breaching Covid principles
  10. Going to 20 clubs, if they all get a vote it weakens the selfish/skint clubs
  11. They are male chickens of the highest order, Championship teams are putting squads together for 2022 not having a clue what they are playing for.
  12. Don't you mean most expensive squad doesn't always equal best team.
  13. Well a parachute payment, plus Champ funding plus all that cash will ensure the best squad in the championship - the question to be answered is why spend the money if it goes to 2 x 10 and 8 get promoted to SL2? Surely the powers that be can see that and will tell clubs whats happening in the next few days
  14. Some folk thought we could compete today, as I stated it will be nip and tuck for the 100. we have 14 able to walk, no coach, 2 who have never trained with us and one on the bench who cant even walk.
  15. 1. Sack all the refs and the structure that supports them, re apply for jobs and bring in other nations 2. Sack all the disciplinary panel and judges 3. Sack all RFL employees earning above 30k 4. Any club operating in a hovel to get kicked out of SL 5. Any clubs failing to hit 70% ground fill in 2 years to be kicked out of SL, min 10k capacity stadium 6. Every SL club must run academy and reserves 7. Dictate to Sky the commentary team and how to film games, especially crowd noise. 8. Ban Leeds Rhinos from pumping crowd noise through speakers 9 Introduce 2 tens with 4 French clubs and London. 10. Outlaw the grapple, bin ptb infringements that slow down the game 11. 4 subs 6 substitutions 12. GET RID OF CAP
  16. Isn't 10m the threshold for audit exemptions?? Unless you own your own ground with associated costs and expenditure not many SL clubs will hit that figure - so help me out which clubs have audited accounts I can have a look at?? So furlough helped them out and previous years it was ?????????????????????? Rely on Beaumont as a going concern? Help me out here, what do you base that on?? ( I am a sponge for knowledge you see)
  17. Right so you just lump a lad of cash into a business from your personal bank account one day - then put it back the next??? But you do it every year for the past 5, obviously putting more in each year as if you didnt then the accounts dont move forward - you may be onto something here, did you work in a bank circa 2007/8/9
  18. Aaahhh, the buy now pay later strategy. Nearly always ends in tears that imo
  19. Very true, but I understand Derek hasn't had to tip up, except cash flow help, for 4 years - he has wrote off a big chunk of his DL's though in that period. I estimate Furlough would have benefitted the business £400k in the 6 months, but that Income would have suffered by a similar number, greater if we had won promotion. The facts are the underlying business is very healthy, thanks to good people and good business sense, supported by fans and sponsors.
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