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  1. Welcome to Town Jake, best of luck.
  2. I could have sworn we had another tough away game at Hunset today
  3. Unicorn 106


    Who's paying Havens share
  4. Jenkinson pulled the plug on the stadium as a local Councillor before he was a Consrvative candidate. I voted Labour all my life up until the last election, let's leave it at that shall we.
  5. Yes I did, replying to a guestion about why Jenkinson was elected, gave an honest answer. Whinging about Brexit is taking it to another level FFS.
  6. Jordan is a big miss been superb for us and apparently a bit of a leader in the changing room.
  7. Oh dear, give a rest will you, its not a political forum.
  8. He certainly couldn't wait to put the boot in on the original stadium plan that the Labour controlled council had worked hard to bring about. He was voted in as our MP because like me we didn't want Corbyn running our country. It was a no brainer at the time.
  9. What's everyone's thoughts on this tough fixture ? Not expecting a win but would like to see us compete for the full 80min, it's a learning curve, but we need to see an improvement. UTT.
  10. Didn't expect that, it been a while since we've taken a hammering like that. Let's hope we can just put that game to bed and come out firing against Oldham next Sunday. UTT.
  11. I reckon this is our 2nd toughest away game after Dewsbury, just want another good away performance and hopefully keep our 100% record. The Crusaders game seems like it was such a long time ago, one home game in May and one in June, how the hell are clubs suppose to survive ? Its a joke of a league we are in. Best of luck boys UTT.
  12. I'm just missing the 60s and 70s.
  13. Far to sensible for the clowns running the game mate, agree with binning the teams mentioned. I don't understand why they haven't tried to even up the numbers in the championship and league 1 this last couple of years, obviously don't give a #### about anything below SL. Would love to see a breakaway by teams below SL, bring back the old cup comps and try for our own TV rights. We can only dream.
  14. Anyone remember when we last won our first 3 away games
  15. Wasn't it before the play off semi final ar Salford
  16. Yeh, we packed out the popular side st Keighley so we had to stand near the corner in the open. We all got absolutely drenched and it ruined my new leather coat. I remember Jonty Gorley going over for a try, another top day out.
  17. Took 50 coaches that day, only taking 2 on Sunday but that's more than most would take Good luck lads UTT.
  18. Not as bad as the one in the Leigh game last year, both touchies waved it wide but blind ref wouldn't have it. Could have had a great bearing on the result.
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