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  1. I reckon 1800 today but would be happy if we announced it as 384.
  2. That would be much appreciated, any suggestions out there for a new name. ?
  3. Are Newcastle full time now. ?
  4. Need to change your Monica mate. You were rumbled ages ago.
  5. Not one Town fan thinks that despite today's result , on the other hand you lot think its gonna be a cakewalk for your very expensive world beating squad. And that's just going off your posts.
  6. Do any Town fans ever go on the haven forum. Asking for a friend.
  7. We've won numerous cup finals in our proud history, unlike yourselves. What a bitter muppet.
  8. The season tickets are a great saving David. I always get one.
  9. I'm not sure what SL clubs charge, I've only seen about 20 odd SL games in my lifetime. Workington Town were playing in every one of them.
  10. Paying SL prices this year just to get you used it for next year....obviously.
  11. Doesn't bother me what it costs, I will always support my team, unfortunately some find it too much unfortunately.
  12. Got my ticket but I know a few regulars who are giving it a miss, worth the money just to see the haven Galacticos. We should feel honoured that such talent are gracing our humble surroundings.
  13. £17 is steep for a league game IMO, but it's the going rate in this league and most clubs are charging more. The biggest worry is how many will pay that if we are struggling in this league. I'm sure Haven were charging the same last season, maybe that was one of the reasons their crowds were so poor even though they were going well.
  14. What a smart a##e, leave the lad alone.
  15. Not too bothered about the score today, just pleased we got to blow off the cobwebs and get some game time in. Praying we have no injuries, we haven't got a plane load of overseas players to turn to unfortunately. We are where we are and I've got faith in Chris to get the best out of what we have UTT
  16. Yeh I heard the same from them...comedy gold.
  17. It was, pishing down, 2 sent off and King Kenny sliding in from 25m out at the Kells end where we were standing.
  18. Was that when Oggy got sent off ? Could have sworn that one was Good Frday....its an age thing. Deffo had one called off on Boxing Day when we were going well under Walsh
  19. The Easter Sunday game had Towns biggest ever following that I've seen at the wreck,probably 3k at least. Haven were struggling at the yime and they didn't have much support at the game. Mulligans try and Buck scoring and kissing the badge at the Kells end were the best memories I'm sure that game was originally called off on Boxing day, remember sitting in the pub waiting for our bus when the news came through. We were taking a massive support that day , we were all gutted it was called off.
  20. I was a disappointed when we parted company with O'Neils but I picked some of the new merchandise up this week and the quality of the kit is superb. Very pleased with it
  21. Just hope the lads have a good workout and I'm sure we will all be praying for zero injuries.
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