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  1. Wow! I have spent much time in France, particularly the Pyrenees, and have always searched out any Rugby League news. Normally it is the tiniest article buried away if anything. This is incredible! As always I want my team to win but just imagine the coverage if Catalans are victorious. A small part of me could cope with losing if this is what it means. Hoping for a classic that gets headlines for the right reasons regardless. Thanks for sharing. Vive le treize!
  2. Well until I realised it said former, even as a Saints fan I was wondering if it was Coote! Adam Fogarty?
  3. Totally agree. If my team weren’t still in the competition then I would be rooting for Catalans as I would have Salford a few years back. Obviously I, like all fans, want my own team to be crowned champions again but the sport is crying out for a new name in lights. I have good friends in Perpignan after some great visits over the years. Proper Rugby League area. Even the traditionalists should find reason to get behind them! If my team has the good fortune to make Old Trafford then I will of course be backing them all the way, I would just be less upset than normal if they lost. It’s some journey Catalans have been on, there are great tales in there if the press are informed and interested - successful expansion club, passionate fans, the young French lads, the stars from around the world who clearly love life there, James Maloney’s Grand Final record. I also really like Steve McNamara’s story. He’s took a lot of stick over the years but he is the only coach of a non English side to win the Challenge Cup and League Leaders shield and is now just 80 minutes away from adding a Grand Final to that. Win or lose I think people should be affording him a bit more respect now
  4. Outstanding season from Catalans whatever happens now. Great season from Hull KR too, they have been a pleasure to watch, Whether my team get to Old Trafford or not I am looking forward to seeing Mourgue there, he has the potential to do a Rob Burrow IMHO.
  5. Said at the time Hull KR should have took the 2, I admire their gung ho style at times but semi final football needs some composure. They have played panic rugby since opting to run it. If KR get to HT less than 12 down then they have a chance but they need to build sets. Enjoying the game and atmosphere!
  6. Totally agree with that sentiment, if my team weren’t involved in the other semi final then I’d want whoever wins to go on and win the final. Both teams have been a breath of fresh air this season and whatever happens tomorrow can be proud of brilliant campaigns
  7. Tomkins by a distance IMHO. I have been impressed by the improvement in Abdul though.
  8. Who would you like to bring in? Oliver Holmes should go very well IMHO
  9. It’s embarrassing mate, comment on the game by all means, it wasn’t great but just to have the constant sly bitter digs is pathetic.
  10. Not sure if some of the established Leeds forwards are carrying knocks but they don’t look interested.
  11. Really hope that is the case RL needs someone fresh and new consistently challenging.
  12. Well done Catalans. Amazing journey to the top! Steve McNamara and team have done a phenomenal job
  13. Not often I back against my own team but this could be anything IMO. I don’t think that it will lack in intensity as both sides will want to put down a marker, that intensity might ease off if one side pulls away points wise. I think that it is an important test for Catalans if they are to make the Grand Final. Hoping for a cracker.
  14. Yeah I’d agree with that, always thought it was a strange one but Hurrell has allegedly been telling people he’d signed. The same paper that first highlighted the Sironen rumour also suggested Sio Siua Taukeiaho was on his way from the Roosters to Saints. I’d be very happy with that signing.
  15. I don’t remember Saints ever having a player from PNG on their books. Does this make them the only current Super League club not to?
  16. I seem to remember a story about a bidet in the chairman’s house as well .
  17. Was that Gene? Did he come over with John Okul? Might be my memory playing tricks Stanley Gene’s biography was a good read, some funny tales in there about adapting to life in England.
  18. Totally agree that there is no place for play acting in Rugby League, it’s actually getting embarrassing now. Any news on Widdop? Did well to play on after getting shot by a sniper.
  19. I agree with that, it worked. I am not a fan of that sort of behaviour though or the constant winding up, patting on the head or laughing in the face of opponents. IMHO Bentley takes it too far, he has always pushed it but since coming back from injury he appears to be on a mission. Personally, I am getting to the stage where I’d be happier if he left before I started booing him.
  20. On balance of the whole game he was asking for it. If he pegs it down a notch he can be a really good player, maybe Agar can help with that but he has to take some responsibility himself.
  21. I am not devastated. He could still cost Saints yet before the season ends.
  22. …as I was saying liability! We’ll still might be yet. If this does erupt then Mr Bentley will be somewhere around.
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