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  1. Have to agree with that. Funny how players attitude or perhaps fans perception of this can make all the difference. Rob Burrow did Saints so much damage, yet from day one nothing but admiration for someone who to me was one of the toughest players I have ever seen pound for pound. McGuire always just came across as petulant and a real whinger. I would imagine people who actually know the man would say that is unfair. For Leeds as well (and the bulls before) , I never had anything but admiration for Jamie Peacock.
  2. Yes exactly so for me he was a more obvious choice than Currie. Currie spent most, if not all the game at centre. One player who absolutely played his way back in last night was Farrell, glad he did. We have lots of second row options but he is just remarkably consistent and has taken that consistently over to a centre spot at Wigan this year.
  3. One strange choice for me last night was Currie at centre. Currie is a fine player, how much experience does he have at centre though? I prefer to see players in their natural position, I would rather Wardle (as mentioned by others) or Welsby given a shot in the absence of the likes of Gildart, King or Percival. That said if Wane decided to go with a second row covering then why not Bateman (who may not be a natural but never lets down) or Farrell (who I personally think has been outstanding covering there for Wigan.) Nothing against Currie btw I would have in the squad, just as Second Row.
  4. I do agree that Welsby’s chances of making the World Cup squad improved last night, regardless of whether he played 0 minutes or 80.
  5. I am sure Shaun Wane has got something from this match whatever else anyone thinks. Unfortunately I imagine that he’s found a little more about what he is up against and what doesn’t work. Main concern would surely be the halves. My opinion, for what it is worth, discounting those like Currie playing out of position, I would only pencil in Tomkins, Makinson, Cooper, Oledzki, Farrell, Bateman, Clark and Knowles for a World Cup squad and some of that is based on previous performances. The debutants perhaps need another outing, hard for them when the team perform like this overall. Fair bit of talent missing tonight, the NRL stars, Lomax, Johnstone, Williams, Widdop, Gildart and Walmsley. There will be some bolters yet possibly Welsby, Trueman. Hastings, Connor and Savelio might end up getting a call yet
  6. Real strength in the tackle there from Bateman. Like a Heinz 57. Great work from Liam Farrell
  7. As a Saints fan I have to say that I didn’t actually dislike Edwards. Offiah and Skerrett on the other hand….
  8. He’s a prime example of a player who you love when they play for your team but most opposition fans hate. Wonderfully consistent player and top referee
  9. Some run by Havard, he’s a good player. Agree with what you say about Wigan’s young forwards. Partington’s game looked a little different last night to me, more passing, less direct running. He’s a fierce competitor and plays better when he takes the more direct approach IMHO. Smithies seems a little lost to me. Not sure if he is struggling for injuries or form or been found out.
  10. I guess Sonny Nickle, Vila Matuatia, Sean Long spring to mind. I am sure this list could be added to quite easily by fans of other teams .
  11. Watching this as a neutral (well as neutral as I can be when Wigan are involved ) I thought Wood had real impact but I thought Jowitt had a great game, Hampshire was always involved too. If Mason Lino can cut out the errors then he is a real handful for opposition defences. For Wigan I thought Pearce-Paul looked dangerous with every involvement. When Harry Smith is good, he is very good but when he’s off….clearly needs time to develop his game. Wigan as a team look very much like Saints at the moment. Very efficient in getting up the field but missing a spark, to be fair last night they were missing a good few who can provide a spark, interesting few weeks coming.
  12. Wigan and Saints as dull as each other at the moment. Both looking like they need a real spark. Obviously Wigan are missing some quality tonight in fairness.
  13. Wigan need to get the ball to Pearce-Paul, looks a handful every time, certainly appears their biggest threat tonight so far.
  14. Wigan should already be well up on the scoreboard with the weight of possession and territory. Hopefully Wakefield can ride the storm.
  15. My vote went to Whitehead and I’d still be ok with that but reading this article…https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/tom-davies-england-debut-drive-20875562.amp then I would actually change it to Sam Tomkins (Davies isn’t yet captaincy material.) Won’t lie, I have slagged Tomkins off many a time in the past, that often happens when great players play for rivals and have a bit of ‘character’, but both he and Davies deserve enormous credit for making this journey when others have made themselves unavailable for whatever reason. This determination to play for his country is typical of Tomkins attitude IMHO. Can’t take back the many thoughts and shouts of the past but certainly shows a lot about Tomkins and Davies true characters. Never thought I would say this but Tomkins for Captain!
  16. Rumours now gathering pace that he has asked for an immediate release, they are just rumours for now though.
  17. You mean seen the light . Are you prepared to admit to liking any Saints player ever? C’mon this is a safe environment to discuss such things I’ll go first and give you Radlinski…I could never find any reason to dislike him. Wonderful athlete, nice fella.
  18. I always thought I would find him annoying if he played elsewhere. He’s that kind of player isn’t he?
  19. Ok, to be perfectly honest I didn’t watch the post match interviews and haven’t read anything attributed to Woolf yet. If that is true then I guess that he has made it the main focus ‘globally’ to detract from what was a poor performance. We’ll never know what he said to the Saints players but if that is or was his main focus in the dressing room then I would be worried as Saints weren’t at the races at all yesterday regardless of any incident. Truthfully I don’t think Saints have put together anything more than a solid 40 minutes at a time this year, maybe that will change as the season goes on but there is much work to be done. Sometimes there has to be an acceptance that they weren’t allowed to play their normal game by a stern defence or effective game plan. That’s up to Saints to do something about that. Yesterday Saints attack was battered by Warrington’s defence. The problem was there was no variation when Wire closed them down each set. Normally you would expect Saints to score more than 6 but yesterday Warrington really outsmarted Saints. Credit is due for that, and although the players carried out the game plan, Price and the coaching team deserve most credit.
  20. Would have thought it was pretty clear to anyone tbh but we’ll have to agree to disagree. Woolf should absolutely focus on Saints, there’s a fair bit of work to do. Price seems to have worked Saints out, as has been referred to on here already, Woolf must respond to that by coming up with greater variation in play.
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