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  1. They will be available to re watch once Our League makes it update their website. You will even have the chance to see the highlights on the website and on Cornwall's youtube page.
  2. Regarding where British Aerospace played. I looked on google and it seems they used to play in the area that is housing next to the tram tracks and opposite Spring Brook Upper School. Someone correct me if I am looking at the wrong place.
  3. You will be heading to the wrong place. Its actually tacking place at Headingley on those days.
  4. The are having their player trials today. They have already got a couple of signings and their first ever coach.
  5. Ridiculous idea. Having 1 point drop goal makes the game more interesting. The NRL have ruined the sport down under by make it 2 points if the attempt is made from more than 40 metres out. Luckily it’s only in their competition where as in all other domestic comps and on the international level it’s only 1. Union on the other hand have changed from having a 40:20 to a 50:22.
  6. My guess is Fev v Bradford with Leigh playing Widnes and Halifax facing Sheffield.
  7. Urm obviously not. Do you always act in a sarcastic way?
  8. Cornwall RLFC will be the newest member of the RFL who will make their debut in 2022 in league 1. They will play their matches from the Memorial Staduim in Penryn. Good luck with their new adventure.
  9. From what I know is there will be an Ottowa Aces team playing from next though they will be based in England until the Covid situation in Canada is under control.
  10. Regarding the attendance is that not only was the game played on a different day but Leeds has a big Caribbean community which includes a sizeable Jamaican contingent. The attendance was 2250 which is over 4k less than when they played at Headingley in front of 7113.
  11. Ottowa will. Toronto no longer play in the British leagues and from next season will be in the NARL.
  12. From what i know is that Ottowa will play in two competitions from 2022. How that will work is yet to be known. They will need a couple of separate teams. The flight to Ottowa will still be a long one but slightly shorter than we team went to Toronto. It would be interesting to see the reactions of the locals and even to see their turnout will be able to match that of the Wolfpack home matches.
  13. Surely there are other women's competitions in Australia that they could play in if they don't get the chance to participate in the NRLW.
  14. Surely there are other women's competitions in Australia that they could play in if they don't get the chance to participate in the NRLW.
  15. Surely there are other women's competitions in Australia that they could play in if they don't get the chance to participate in the NRLW.
  16. For now i would like to see both Carlisle and Blackpool come back. As for Bramley they exist under the name Bramley Buffaloes with the junior section being simply known as Bramley.
  17. The Women's NRL is overdue for an expansion because they have been stuck with only 4 teams since its debut season whilst Women's Super League has expanded pretty quickly from 4 in to 2017 to 10 in 2020 and now 16 in 2021 with the debut of Super League South. Loosing the warriors could be a big blow to their competition. If the men's competition works with the Worriers so should the women's.
  18. Originally it was supposed to start last year but was delayed until this year due to Covid.
  19. RLWC. I never really watch Euros. It doesn't interest me much and i just generally follow the qualifiers. On the other hand World Cups in rugby league is much better to follow because you have much more exciting games.
  20. I'm not trying to over think about it to be honest. Its something that has just got me interested. I wouldn't however be surprised if more North American teams want a go in our leagues if the North American RL never happens but anything can happen between now and next year.
  21. Never knew that. From what i have read it was only the Western Conference that was postponed until next year.
  22. Only the Western Conference has been cancelled to next year not the whole thing.
  23. Ottowa are going to be in League 1 in 2022. They will have a ton of fixtures to be completed in June July time when they will be playing in the newly created North American Rugby League competition.
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