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  1. I hope you're right Pablo... what an unbeleivable team we are assembling for next season, you have got to admire the way this board operates. I know where there's a certain French half back who cant get a game at his own club but who made a massive impression in his one game for us Or is that just too much to wish for ???
  2. Incredible performance. We have to do whatever we possibly can to keep this team together
  3. I agree. I would also try and keep all of the local lads as they are the heart and soul of our team and have pretty much all shown that they are more than good enough for this very tough league. I would keep Brooks too as I think hes got better and better as the season went on and has a great pair of hands too. This season has been phenomenal, one of the best I've seen in 40 years of watching, but if we want to improve on it again next season and finances allow, my wish list would be at least one more big powerful prop, another specialist centre ( Costello please) and another experienced playmaking half back who can lead the team round the park while allowing Jarrod Sammut to create his magic. Dont want much then I know.... but you've got to dream big
  4. Raiderfan67


    I'll be gutted if we loose him but he thoroughly deserves his chance if it comes along, he's been fantastic for us. On the plus side we should still have two excellent wingers in Shane Toal and Ryan Shaw plus Brett Carter if he's willing to go again, assuming they will all re-sign. Maybe we could use the money from Tee to try and entice Matty Costello from Salford and keep Hakim? That would still be a pretty formidable three quarter line
  5. Couldn't agree more. He's been absolutely outstanding and an out and out match winner for us when games have been in the balance. I know historically hes been a bit of a rugby nomad ibut I sincerely hope we can entice him to stay at least another season. In all honesty I hope we can keep pretty much the whole of this team together for next year because what they have achieved so far has been fantastic and with the possible addition of 3 or 4 quality players I believe we can firmly cement a place in the top 5 or 6 of this league.
  6. If that's definatly Sunday's team Pablo then that's a very strong line up
  7. Garry Wheeler had looked like he may have a hamstring strain as he had came off pointing at his upper leg and when he sat in the stand he had an ice pack on it. Shame if it is because he was just starting to show glimpses of his undoubted abilities. Hope we can get Costello again as he looked pure class last week and with between him and Hakim we would have a seriously dangerous centre combo. Heres hoping
  8. Is Matt Costello available again for Sunday does anyone know?
  9. Big game today after Thursday's effort. Let's hope for a big crowd too. Come on boys you can win this
  10. Yet another incredible never say die effort from our patched up group of warriors. The commitment to each other and to the coaching staff and the determination to win at all costs no matter how big the challenge is amazing. Fantastic performance
  11. Looking at the line up for today's game I notice there's still no sign of Tom Hopkins. Is he injured? He was going really well for us in the games he's played in this season imo
  12. Wow! I thought Brett was a candidate for man of the match yesterday and in all honesty I think hes put in a massive effort in all the games he's played for us so far. I personaly think he still has plenty to offer us and I can barely recall him putting a foot wrong . Maybe it's just me??
  13. Thanks for the update Steve. That's great news it really did sound like a bad one from the radio coverage.
  14. Has anyone got any further news on how he is? I see he was released from hospital later that day thankfully but do we have any idea how long he's likely to be out for? Also I believe we lost Danny Langtree and Ellis Gillam to arm and calf injuries? Hope all concerned are able to make quick recoveries.
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