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  1. I think 6 again rule entirely, enhances the scorelines by a large large margin, it’s got to go from the international game if we don’t want these scorelines.
  2. How so, I clearly recall you writing dozens upon dozens of Paragraphs about how good Samoa are and how they will beat England. I’m sure at least 200+ of your posts were on the England-Samoa Debate
  3. What about your rants about Samoa and how they were going to destroy England, what happened there buddy.
  4. I’ll be cheering for Tonga next week, hopefully Lolohea or one of Tonga’s big backrowers puts a shot on him, He throughly deserves it.
  5. @Mojo this is getting really quite concerning how much posts of mine you’ve disliked, Do something productive, go on a hike, Please.
  6. @Mojo mate surely you’ve got something better to do, that’s 13 old posts now you’ve laughed at, how are you this invested.
  7. @Mojo finally back aye, I guess you only show up when Samoa win.
  8. False Claim You said the exact same thing, you called me a parody account/Troll about 10 times because I said England would destroy Samoa.
  9. My definition would be Being Capable of producing consistent first grade talent out of a rugby league system. Bar these 7 Nations only 2 first grade players come from a rugby league system in other countries. Ronan Michael Ireland 1 Game Kayal Iro Cook Islands 1 Game I do not count Tonga with Konrad Hurrell as he did not play rugby league in Tonga and is a union Product.
  10. Your very much correct about the other stuff but don’t try turn this into a debate about SL V NRL. This was France Vs Samoa, it has nothing to do with that debate.
  11. Ok well you do you, but the overall perception of the tournament from the public is very negative.
  12. We can’t act like the results don’t matter, the fact is having 60-90 point wins every 1 or 2 games is not good for our sport and does no favours. It just makes it more of a mockery when we have a team of 96% Domestic born players getting destroyed by a team with 8% Domestic born players. All it does is make a mockery of our game, Imagine if a union fan saw this result, they would be laughing there ass off.
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