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  1. Very few ever presents in the Super League era. Think you are considering too small an amount of time.
  2. Only a double movement if you successfully put it down? And the scoreboard said 4-8 there and it is 8-8?
  3. We had two big crowds for repeat fixtures last week, bet those teams first home game against London, or Catalans or the next hypothetical newly promoted team etc etc were/will be lower. It isn't repeat fixtures for most people. I think when things are going well you can't wait for the next game. If your team had 10 consecutive wins you'd want to be at game 11, international windows in football are often seen as an inconvenience when the league is at a peak in intensity, so I think we could do the same, have good windows but also decent periods of building momentum between them. I'd also say, that Rugby League doesn't need to live and die on those who go to every game, don't just target x thousand season ticket holders, target 10x thousand who will go to a few games a year. The Saturday afternoon crowd, the Sunday crowd, the Friday night crowd will overlap but will also be different. Clubs should also get used to marketing every game (in different ways) how many clubs spend three months marketing the first game, then nothing or at most 2 weeks marketing the next?
  4. Just like last time when Australia didn't even want to play against GB. Other than GB having historically better shirts, I don't see an advantage to a change in brand, I assume Oxen would buck that trend too.
  5. If Southgate wants to continue he should be allowed to, nobody even comes close to his record of results, but I would expect the hounding of the press and the booing of the fans can build up over the years and a happy retirement/easy money as a pundit may look appealing. Should be up to him and he should be allowed time if he wants it. Southgate set England up as difficult to beat, and they went through the tournament without a defeat until the final, previously England have blasted out of the gates in games and scored early, then tried to hang on and got beat or knocked out on penalties because they didn't have the right mentality. There has been a lot of criticism about style of play and lack of intent, but it is football and you don;t have to be the "best" team to win. Seems like the players are willing to play for him, he still has the passion and if he carries on hopefully he will learn from some of the smaller mistakes like not dropping his captain when he was unfit/under performing.
  6. Is this now a 2024 transfer that was a 2025 transfer, this will surely test the separate thread system!
  7. Referees should enforce the rules at all times, its when they enforce rules some of the times but not others that the problems start. Consistency is what I want, and I offer no value to the Australian attitude (to Origin in particular) that when the game is at a higher level you should let more foul play go to let the game flow. If you let things go it gives an advantage to the dirtiest team, you should be able to play clean and win.
  8. They used to be more odd before in goal judges disappeared from Super League.
  9. Only if you don't count both teams.
  10. He made an assumption, he shouldn't have done that, that is a mistake (something wrong). He assumed the ball would land in touch but it didn't. I'd expect the review of the match to include him reviewing that mistake, *can't believe I have to type this* given he is the touch judge I would expect him to judge when it goes into touch correctly.
  11. Lol, not the touch judge's job to see if it has gone into touch or not.
  12. This low effort low cost presentation is probably to blame, I don't think the commentators have a good feed of the sound from France in their UK studio.
  13. So the French video ref doesn't have a microphone (perhaps because he has to speak in French to match the French decisions on the screen and is embarrassed by his language skills?) I am not sure if this is good or bad, I think it is great to have complete transparency so we can hear why they give decisions, but when they are trying to justify a call on the field that is wrong it can be a bit cringe worthy.
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