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  1. Exactly and more growth will lead to another increase to the salary cap and maybe more teams.
  2. I’m not trying to play 4D chess here mate. I’m Just trying to have a debate surrounding the NRLW salary cap rise.
  3. What games are they mate. Commenting on an article?
  4. Exactly, it’s great news all around and don’t see the need to sh#t all over the mens game by certain people.
  5. Good for you mate. Anything about the salary cap rise and the criticism surrounding it not being enough compared to the mens game?
  6. Is the criticism from certain sections about the increase not being enough compared to the NRL valid? https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrlw/what-a-joke-record-nrl-payday-divides-opinion-as-vlandys-defends-nrlw-investment/news-story/8701acf6fc76775814c560c51a510ae1
  7. Both on and off the field. It was a ridiculous merger to begin with but that’s for another discussion thread completely.
  8. The NRLW salary cap is $884k and yet the minimum wage of a player is $10k? How big is a NRLW squad?
  9. I personally don’t think any womens game will ever replace the man’s game be it the NRL or super league or the premier league etc and that for some is totally unacceptable to say and triggers them no end.
  10. Think he’s talking about the British game.
  11. Because that’s that the whole woke movement is about unless you think that woke and wokeism are dirty words or something to be ashamed of? Plus I personally don’t think that wokeism is a left-wing movement. I believe it to be more a liberal movement on the whole.
  12. Oh, you mean a political campaign in a democratic referendum. which btw the brexiteers won fair and square
  13. Who said anything about womens RL not being a commercially successful entity? I’m sure I read in the article that the NRLW had increased its salary cap by 153%. That sounds like a success in my book. where did I say that I’m against enhanced pay for female athletes? I support the 153% increase on the NRLW salary cap. how can protectionism for the mens game be helpful for the mens game and game of RL in general? Its really a simple concept in that market forces determine an athlete’s salary and not someone’s social agenda.
  14. Exactly. I was one of those watching on channel 4 supporting the Chicago bears and later the London monarchs before losing interest.
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