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  1. Three changes to starting 13 Taufua(2) Langi (21) and Whitbread(10) with Hall(3) Murphy(23) and Battye (8) but the interesting thing is they've cut the subs from 13 to 6
  2. It's called artistic licence K
  3. And our favourite reporter has listed his top 6 1 FEV 2 Bulls 3TO 4 Fax 5 Vikings 6 Cougars
  4. POR


    Just keep checking you tube I York posted highlights of their behind closed doors with the Dogs
  5. POR


    cougars fan say's they playing your lot in a closed doors friendly this weekend.
  6. POR


    FEV have beat C$s 26-10 and HKR 28-0 play wakey this sunday then you on 6th
  7. According to love rugby Clubs will need to have a Women’s Super League team to gain a category A licence under the new IMG proposals.
  8. And a Physical Disability (PDRL) team G
  9. Funny thing wouldn't change date for original fixture but now
  10. It really is a no brainer for me three spots for Springer, Cozza, Yei ,and I would pick lacans as number 4
  11. We all know that preseason is about giving players game time and getting them back into the hustle and bustle of proper rugby rather than the tippy tappy training sessions also working on attacking and defensive drills learnt in training so taking all that into consideration at wakey I want to see the two half's and the six forwards who will be starting next week playing together in the first 30 and the last 20
  12. Watched the game back on rovers TV got to say this time better than freezing my nuts off watching it somethings made me smile our non existent defence has suddenly come back to life elijah's pass and craig's running against the grain for the first try Chris's offload for second and the way he brushed off big money signing Tom Opacic and the tackle by Gaz on the same player when all he had to do was put it down all I can say is welcome to FEV Tom finally Joey's cameo when he intercepted invited the tacklers and put young PLT on his back side priceless There are two trains of thought about Friday Matt shaw said Fev have just taken an early lead against a strong Robins side .whilst over in Hull An understrength, young Robins outfit lost on friday so either we played well or we had nowt to beat
  13. You'll be able to watch their reserves on saturday on YouTube as Lezignan take on Toulouse Elite 1 with a 5pm (GMT)
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